If the child sleeps restlessly at night ..


So that the child slept all night, it is necessary that he become an adult.

If the child sleeps restlessly at night & hellip;The approval is controversial for those parents who, following various methods, taught their babies not to wake up at night. However, if you look at the problem of child sleep from the point of view of physiology, it will become clear that this phrase is more than truthful. To understand why a little child sleeps restlessly at night, you need to understand the features of child sleep.

Watching some children with the help of electroencephalographers, scientists have long sorted out in the phases of sleep. During slow (deep) sleep heartbeat slowed down, breathing deep and even. At this time, the child does not interfere with sleeping, nor noise nor light. The phase of slow sleep is replaced by a sleep phase quickly, when a child can wake up any change in the room in the room. Many people think that if the child does not wake up during this period, he will be able to plunge into deep sleep again. This is not true. The child will definitely wake up at the end of the fast sleep phase, but his behavior will depend on a number of factors.

If, waking up, a healthy child will find that everything is the same as it was when he fell asleep (the same room, the same bed or parent bed, the same type of lighting, the same sounds, etc.) he, if not hungry and does not want to the toilet, closes his eyes and plunges back in sleep. If he fell asleep at his mother in his arms, swaying in a rocking chair, and one in his stationary bed woke up, he would likely to change the conditions of cry or cry.

Other reasons for the fact that the child sleeps restlessly at night:

  • Hunger.
  • Desire to go to the toilet or discomfort from wet diapers.
  • Colic.
  • Teething pain.
  • Nightmare.
  • Reaction to the recently made vaccination.
  • Starting disease.

The first thing you need a child when he wakes up, — recovery «Justice». For most kids, this maternal presence: the heat of the mother's body, the knock of her heart and the smell of her body. Babes instantly calm down if they get breasts, as the chest not only quenches the hunger, but also satisfies the basic needs of the child — safe, warm, calm.

Waking up at night, the child always checks whether he is safe where he is. This is ancient instinct, and has a modern person. Even an adult wakes up for checking, but his brain is already so developed that it scans the space without the participation of consciousness, and if there is no threat, it is immersed in sleep. Baby's brain is still developing, and for «Plate» Basic confidence in the reliability of the world to the child need adults.

Because for a child security security — close adults, it is vitally important to make sure that mom is near and can protect him. That is why children sleeping in the parent bed or in the close proximity from it most often sleep much better than those who have to fully wake up to come to mom shout.

So that the child slept all night: tips parentsDo you ask you, you can not use one of the numerous techniques providing children strong sleep all night? You can use, but you need to understand what consequences they lead to.

If the child is not suitable as soon as he cried at night, he will gradually get used to the fact that help does not come immediately that it is impossible to rely on mom. The psyche even a helpless baby will work for the consolidation of belief: «I'm alone, and no one will come». Such settings that lived with a person to the age of independence are prevented from installing close trust relationships.

Similar happens in the event that mom is replaced with a soft toy. Such a child is fixed «thing can replace a person». There are no cases when an adult cannot get rid of painful consumer traction and acquisition. It can attach great importance to statuses, but at the same time experience great difficulties with confidence in the other.

So that the child slept all night, you can use different methods. But the only natural one — put a kid next to you. The child is not necessarily sleeping in the parent bed: a joint sleep is called and the situation when the child is laid on the night in the same room as the mother. The main thing — so that you have time to wake up before the baby will begin to cry in fear that no one comes to him. After all, the task of parents, not figuratively wanting to give goodnight, — Fuck out. And to do it the easiest way, if you can, almost not waking up, meet the child's need for security.

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