Lactful means: how to get rid of constipation and keep health?


Lactful means: how to get rid of constipation and keep health?Constipation — very unpleasant condition that at least once in
life had to experience everyone — heaviness, sawing, stupid pain in
stomach. But, nevertheless, the inconvenience that deliver episodic
disorders of defecation, cannot be compared with those suffering that cause
Chronic constipation, forcing the search for all sorts of ways to solve the problem. One
Permanent reception of laxatives becomes from the exits. Unfortunately, drugs,
which would forever solve the problem of chronic constipation, extremely few. Majority
Laxative removes only the urgent problem of one day. After the accepted tablet
There is relaxation, and the next day you have to resort to the medicine. How
competently choose the drug so that it does not harm health and at the same time effectively
would regulate the intestinal emptying?

are the most numerous and most «harmful»,
But, unfortunately, the most popular. Most often they have vegetable
Origin, such as the leaves of Senna, «Senade», «Glaxenna», «Regulax», bark
crazy, root rhubarb, but there are synthetic — «Bisakodil», «Dulkolaks», «Guttalaks».
At the heart of these funds — Chemical irritation of the wall thick
intestines and stimulation of its peristaltics. Preparations are spurred «Sloggy
intestines», But with long-term reception «Pounded» His leading to Atonia and
aggravate constipation. In addition, the reception of irritating drugs violates electrolyte
Balance, causing dysfunctional disorders cardiovascular and nervous
Systems. Conclusion: Irritating laxatives are intended only for
Treating episodic constipation.

, For example, magnesium and sodium sulfate, Karlovarian
salt, polyethylene glycol, hold water in the intestine, thereby discharge
Callery masses, increasing their volume and alleviating the intestinal emptying. They are not
irritate the intestine and do not cause addiction during long-term reception. They are undoubtedly
better than the previously described group, but still able to cause loss of electrolytes,
What is especially dangerous for older people with cardiovascular diseases
Systems. Osmotic laxatives are best suited for the treatment of poisoning,
When it is necessary to quickly release the intestine from toxic substances.

Detergents — Laxatives, softening hood masses, lubricating walls Tolstoy
guts and relieve intestinal emptying. These include Vaseline oil and
Almond, as well as oil Fennel. Reception of these drugs is accompanied by
suction of small quantities, and therefore a long-lasting technique can
lead to diseases of the liver, spleen, paraffin formation in the walls
intestine, it is possible to yud anus and impaired suction of fat-soluble vitamins.

Volumetric laxatives
may have vegetable origin, such as agar-agar,
methylcellulose, wheat bran, or synthetic, like modified
Polysaccharides. They are practically not digested, actively adsorb water, swell,
Increasing the volume of intestinal content, stretching the intestinal walls and
Reflexo stimulating defecation. The negative side of drugs is their
The ability to cause strong meteorism, which significantly increases discomfort,
These laxatives are most often prescribed with low-voltage constipation.

The best preparations for the treatment of chronic constipation
are Prebiotics — Unsupported
Carbohydrates that stimulate the muscles of the intestinal wall and the growth of useful
Microflora, attract water into the intestinal lumen, thereby deciding for a long time
Problem constipation. Most effective are considered «Pracks», «Duhalak», «Lactusan».
Possible side effect — scrawling passes in 2-3 days, as
Treatment to the drug.

Inadequate constipation therapy can lead to
Unwanted consequences. Therefore, to competently select the drug, it is necessary,
First of all, pass the examination and find out the reason for the work violation
intestine. In any case, it is worth avoiding long-term reception of laxatives,
adjust the chair with a diet, exercise, and stop from drugs
your choice on prebiotics giving long and stable therapeutic
the effect.

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