Seasonal depression. How not to fall in winter hibernation?


  • Who is Handrit in winter?
  • Signs of seasonal depression
  • How to cope with winter handra?

  • Seasonal depression. How not to fall in winter hibernation?Seasonal depression is susceptible to every fifth man on Earth. Perhaps she was inherited from the ancestors, as an option of an adaptive response of the body to complex winter conditions. In the period of cold and limited nutrition, our ancestors were forced to go to «economical» Mode, falling into a lightweight hibernation. We cannot afford similar luxury, modern realities require year-round activity, seasonal chandra becomes a real problem. No wonder the Winter Depression refers to the category of seasonal emotional disorders and is considered a real disease.

    Who is Handrit in winter?

    Seasonal depression is more often affecting the inhabitants of cold countries, the farther from the equator, the more likely to feel «Prelas» Winter Handry.

    Women as emotionally labile creatures are more susceptible to winter Handra, although men do not afford this trouble.

    Scientists suggest that the root cause of the winter depression is the shortening of the daylight. The lack of sunlight affects the work of the brain, on the function of the hypothalamus, which entails the disorder «hormone sleep» Melatonina I «Hormone joy» Serotonin. The result of such rearrangements becomes poor mood, emotional lability, disruption of the sleep mode, change of appetite, reduced sexual attraction.

    Seasonal depression begins to develop in the fall, especially sensitive people feel its approach, when the light day gradually becomes very shorter. In winter, Handra reaches his «Flaw», and with the arrival of spring her symptoms pass by themselves.

    Signs of seasonal depression

    All people in different extent are subject to winter depression, some feel it in light shape, others «Enjoy» She is full.

    Here are general signs of Handra:

    • reduced mood, depression;
    • anxiety, irritability, plastic;
    • reluctance to communicate;
    • worsening memory and scattered;
    • drowsiness in daytime clock, insomnia at night, heavy morning lifts;
    • thrust for carbohydrate food and sweets, increasing body weight;
    • decay of forces, inertness, desire to move less;
    • Reduced sexual attraction.

    How to cope with winter handra?

    That winter depression has gained a threatening scale, they say a pessimistic look for the future and thoughts about the worthlessness and suicide. This is a reason for immediate appeal to the doctor-psychotherapist. Only he can help cope with the ailment! In light cases with symptoms of seasonal handra, you can handle yourself.

    1. More light! Try to wake up earlier to use the bright part of the day as soon as possible, more often walk in the fresh air when the sun is still high. In the room more time spend at the window. Daylight contributes to the development of melatonin and serotonin. If this is not enough, it will help the course of light or phototherapy. Light your home as much as possible, use special daylight lamps (2,500 — 10 thousand. LX), turn them on at least 30-90 minutes. per day. You lack morning light? You miss the rays of the rising sun, purchase alarm clock, imitating dawn.
    2. More movement! Exercise, like sunlight, contribute to the synthesis of hormones of happiness. Do not neglect the workouts, lead an active lifestyle, more exercise on the street during the daytime. Even the usual walk in the park is able to work wonders!
    3. Psychological Comfort! Support in the house of comfort and warmth, enjoy the pleasant sides of the winter, long communication with loved ones, reading books, beloved music. Love warming fragrant baths, massage and other pleasant relaxing procedures. Do not fall into the despondency, with the arrival of winter life does not stop, warmth will come to the change. Start panicing vacation and exciting travel, think over seasonal work on the country area.
    4. More positive! Surround yourself with interesting people, more often go to visit, museums, exhibitions. Decorate your home in the branches of spring greenery, flowers, you can dilute a small garden right on the windowsill. I answer questions about health positively and you will notice that you will begin to feel better. Meditate, examine autotraining, it will help raise the mood and save the vigor of the spirit. Make a list of things that would like to buy in winter and carry out the planned.
    5. Products against winter depression. Save energy in winter will help properly balanced nutrition. If you are subject to depression do not plan weight loss for the winter, diet — Additional stress for the body. Your goal — Do not gain weight!

    Multicolored vegetables and fruits must be present on the table, they «Collect me» Gray winter days and will provide the necessary vitamins and microelements. Include fatty sea fish in the diet, eggs several times a week, soy products, nuts, seeds are useful.

    For serotonin synthesis, the body requires amino acids and vitamins of group B, the source of which eggs, fish, meat, legumes and grain crops. The best stimulants of serotonin synthesis are bananas, kinza, avocado, turkey meat.

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