Autism is not a disease


  • Do not hurry with a diagnosis
  • How to recognize dangerous syndrome
  • Mom is the best doctor

  • Do not hurry with a diagnosis

    Autism is not a diseaseAccording to statistics, in Russia for 10,000 children – Eight born with autism syndrome. Those who heard about it know that the parents and educators of an autistic child can be put a monument in life, because they require truly angelic patience and endless love. Most of the future mothers at all never heard of autism. Meanwhile, experts believe that any woman who is going to give birth should be aware of this phenomenon.

    Autism is defined as «Emotional disabilities, which is expressed in the closetness of the person, in almost the absence of contact with the surrounding world». This phenomenon is innate and the reasons for it in the fact that in the emotional design of the child there are no mechanisms necessary for normal adaptation to life.

    Simply put, such a child is mentally completely unprotected, very angry, and almost every contact with the outside world has too much emotional impact on it, which borders with stress. As a result, the child from the very first days of his life tries to protect himself from strong impressions, closes and practically does not come to contact even with parents.

    It seems that such a baby is not interested in neither mother, no toys, does not respond to the voice and appearance of loved ones. Therefore, most often autism syndrome are confused with cretinism. Missing an error may even be a doctor who has not specifically dealt with this problem. The result is «Lost» The most deplorable - the child falls into the category of mentally defective with all the ensuing consequences.

    Autism can not be called a disease or even inferiority in the usual sense of these words. According to professionals, autistic children often have an outstanding talent and mind. As one of the doctors said desperate parent: «You must reach his inner world, believe it is worth it». These children have wonderful creative abilities for music, poetry, painting, mathematics and t. D.

    Many pupils of authis specialists after a long time hard work «Reveal», put into the world what has been copied so long. Some of these guys study in the conservatory, in elite universities, for they have a non-trivial thinking system. Autism has several degrees of complexity, but even the most difficult children give hope for adaptation in the event that it is not possible at the first signs of unfavorable.

    How to recognize dangerous syndrome

    Autism is not a diseaseIt is possible to notice the signs of autism, if you know the basic stages of mental development of the infant. Most of the parents of autistic children say that their kids are in an adult opinion, but it is very difficult to catch it. Indeed, such a child does not record a look at either the mother's face or in general on any face. Sometimes moms confuse it with blindness, but, looking attentive, notice that the lamp or the window attract the attention of the baby, whereas on the face he prefers not to watch. The reason is that an autistic child can not withstand a look for a long time, it overstrains it.

    It does not accept «Positive readiness», When mom is going to take it, and lying on his hands «mattress», Unlike a normal baby who «distributed» on mom, like a monkey, cling to the handms behind the neck, is suitable more convenient.

    The following alarming sign: Mom is sometimes very difficult to engage with a child with a common matter. While all the kids are happy to take adults in their games and even try to attract their attention, the name is to play together, an autistic child is indifferent to the attention of parents, and sometimes even begins to cry, when mom is involved in his game. It seems that it is much more comfortable feeling alone, doing some clear things and entertainment.

    For the same reason, an autistic child is very difficult to teach talk. The usual scheme looks like this: Mom shows a child for some subject, the child watches her eyes, Mom calls what it shows, and he tries to repeat. With autistic kid, everything is much more complicated, for it is too difficult to attract his attention.

    It is also important to take into account that an emotionally unfavorable child is accustomed to the surrounding atmosphere and change the place for a very long time: an emergency room, meeting with an unfamiliar person, even just rearrangement of furniture in the room can cause him a reaction close to mental shock.

    Mom is the best doctor

    Autism is not a diseaseAt an early stage of personality formation, determine the child's disadvantaged and help him get rid of it can only mom. How to do it?

    Very often mom, watching his autistic child, falls into depression, it seems to her that she is completely indifferent to the baby that he does not allocate her and does not like. But this is not the case, such a baby needs maternal love and attention even more than the usual. All thing in dosage. From this and need to come.

    Mom requires a maximum of patience and tact in order to gradually pull the kid from a closed state. If the child does not hold his eyes on his face, but only looks casually and immediately turns away, you must gently try to keep his glance at first to short, and then for a longer time.

    If the child does not want to play with you, you have to look at him, it is not like that he doesn't like in your behavior, what a place you can take in the game, not traumating the kid. Be sure to encourage any attention to you.

    Teaching son or daughter talking, pay attention to what they themselves react and call those items to which he or she look. In a word, mom needs to be fully born into the inner world of his child, look at the eyes around him and gradually, without hunting events, establish contact between the child and reality.

    If the child's autism is in a light form, then mom can eliminate all the problems independently. In the difficult case, without a specialist, it will be difficult to do, and sometimes it is impossible. In Moscow, this problem is engaged only in three institutions: in the center of therapeutic pedagogy, the mental health center and at the Institute of Correctional Pedagogy.

    And, of course, the most important thing is not to lose the spirit of spirit and confidence in the victory of His and the child who has a chance to implement its outstanding abilities with your help. One of the authis specialists told me: «Yes, you look at the Moscow State University, there are only our former customers there, mostly among professors!».

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