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    «With the onset of autumn, almost everyone suffering from bronchial asthma appear new concerns. Home of which: how to avoid colds?»

    The probability of the disease depends more on the state of your body, rather than on the aggressiveness of the microbe or virus. Therefore, all factors that reduce the resistance of the body must be minimized. Need to eat well, sleep a lot and move, do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol, avoid unrest. Conflicts - direct path to the disease.

    If someone has a cold in the family, isolate yourself from contact with patients. When leaving for him, wear protective masks on it, in which there should be at least six layers of gauze. Buy a quartz lamp and irradiate the ultraviolet of your room and the room of the patient at least two times a day for an hour. Check out the premises, twice a day spend wet cleaning in the room where you sleep.

    And, of course, take preparations that strengthen your immunity: Echinacea and its derivatives or dibazole in tablets. With close contact with patients, it is useful to dig into the nose interferon 4 times a day for 4-5 drops. Before going to the street during the period of a viral epidemic, for a few minutes, lay the tampons in the nose, soaked in any vegetable oil - the resulting film will protect the mucous membranes from the introduction of viruses. After returning home, wechit the throat and wash the nose with water. If your child is sick of bronchial asthma, during the period of peak of the incidence of ORZ, free it from visiting a kindergarten or school, even if quarantine is not installed.

    Asthma: Questions and AnswersI'm afraid inhaler...

    «I am 18 years old, I have bronchial asthma. The doctor discharged a hormonal inhaler, and I'm afraid to use it...»

    Bronchial asthma patients prone to anxiety. The fact that for a healthy person passes unnoticed, astmatics can cause fear or even a phobia - painful, uncontrolled feeling of fear. One of the serious problems associated with fear is the fear of corticosteroids - drugs that are commonly called hormones. They are used to treat many diseases and, in particular, bronchial asthma.

    Highly efficient inhalation hormones in the overwhelming majority of cases do not cause any significant complications even with very long use - they are prescribed even to pregnant and children. Hormonal complications are observed in people who have received hormonal pills for a long time. They began treatment for a long time, when there were no modern inhalation hormones. Today, hormonal pills take only in cases where you need to quickly cope with the exacerbation of the disease. Short courses of such treatment do not harm the body at all, but you can cope with deterioration. Forms of the disease, for the treatment of which hormonal pills are required, are more common and less often due to very effective inhalation agents that are accepted in the early stages of the disease. They do not need to be afraid.

    Well, where we do not?

    «Imported medicines maybe good, but not everyone they pocket. I need an ingakort, and the doctor does not write it for free. How to be?»

    In the life of Russians who suffer from bronchial asthma, a significant event occurred, which was preparing for more than one year. We have new modern domestic anti-asthma drugs: Benacort is an inhaler containing a hormone budesonide, one of the most modern; Salben is an inhaler containing salbutamola powder; Saltos - Tablets containing salbutamol, they act 12 hours. New drugs are effective in almost all cases of asthma. This means that the treatment will do you much cheaper.

    For many years, scientists worked hard to create a new class of drugs for the treatment of bronchial asthma - leukotriene antagonists. Leukotrienes are substances causing a narrowing of bronchial trees and playing an important role in the development of the disease. Now there is such a medicine in Russia - it is called acolat and produced by the company «Zeneca». The mechanism of action of acolata is just that it blocks leukotrienes. The drug can help with non-heavy forms of bronchial asthma, reduce the dose of accepted hormones, improve the condition of patients who suffer from aspirin form of bronchial asthma. And more recently, in pharmacies, you can find another drug of the same class - singular.

    Aspirin asthma

    «I was interested in the name of the disease - aspirin asthma. Never heard about her. Tell us, please, what is this attack».

    With a cold, dental or headache, many of us are accepted, sometimes in large quantities, familiar with childhood medicine - aspirin. But it may happen that after his reception, the attack of suffocation will begin, the nose will be laid, the female swelling will appear, red rashes on the skin. All this is similar to the beginning of the so-called aspirin bronchial asthma. The culprits of this disease may also be other painkillers and antipyretics: Analgin, Indomethacin, Ortophen, Naproxen, Woltaren, Bruphen and others. All of them from the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Some complex drugs also contain these dangerous substances for asthmatics - theofedrine, Baratgin and others. Approximately 6% of the population of our planet do not tolerate these drugs: choking, itching, and some lose consciousness.

    Similarly act on such patients painted in yellow preparations or food products, which include natural dye tartrazine, as well as vegetable products containing natural aspirin-like substances - salicylates. Patients suffering from aspirin bronchial asthma, also poorly carry alcoholic beverages, including champagne and dry wines.

    Drug therapy during the exacerbation of aspirin bronchial asthma does not differ from the treatment of other forms of the disease. At the beginning of the disease, a good effect is given to chromodoglycat and sodium slightly. With a more severe course of the disease, inhalation glucocorticoids should be applied. Currently, good therapeutic effects can have acolat and singular on which it is said above.

    And how to be a patient, if he, for example, will begin a headache? The only medicine that he can take is paracetamol. But you need to be careful with him, because sometimes paracetamol causes the same symptoms as aspirin.

    Meet: Spacer!

    «The doctor recommended me to buy a spacer. What is it needed if I use inhalers?».

    Asthma: Questions and AnswersEvery asthma suffering knows that many anti-asthma medicines are in inhalers. Just pressing the bottom and the medicine flies out of the inhaler, and at a speed of more than 100 km / h. The patient should inhale it so that the medicine fell into bronchi. But the speed of breath is 2 times less, and therefore most of the expensive and effective medication remains in the mouth. In the case when a hormone is located in the inhaler, it can cause the development of thrush on the mucous membrane. Part of the medication from the mouth can get into the stomach, and from there in the blood, what should be avoided.

    Not every patient knows how to correctly breathe medicine from the can. One lips inhaler's mouthpiece loosely, the other makes a shallow and hasty breath. But what to do, because the medicine must reach the bronchi?!

    For this, the Spacer was invented - an additional container that is worn on the inhaler. The medicine first falls there, and the patient is already inhaled by the whole portion flew out of the inhaler, and not part of the jet that he managed to catch. Spacer allows you to coordinate the spray and breath itself, which is very important during the attack of asthma.

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