How to cure apnea syndrome


  • Treatment apnea

  • Treatment apnea

    The ultimate goal of the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome is to eliminate the night stops of breathing and restoring a healthy structure of sleep. How to cure bronchial asthma - a threat to the appearance of apnea?

    Common events:

    • Weight loss
    • Compliance with sleep hygiene
    • Reducing alcoholic beverage consumption, smoking control
    • Refusal of medicines worsening the processes of night respiration (for example, sedative and sleeping pills)
    • Abstinence from consumption in the evening of coffee, tea and drinks like «Cola»

    Body position correction in a dream

    An important rule is not to sleep on the back, as it increases the risk of respiratory stops in a dream. This is achieved either with the help of dressing for the night of filled, for example, newspapers, a backpack, or with the help of stitching from behind in pajamas of tennis balls.

    Nasal mask

    How to cure apnea syndrome In order for the injected air to get into the airways, a nasal mask is needed. This mask is the main link in the treatment of respiratory stops. Air flow from the device falls through the system of hoses in the mask, fixed on the head using a special hat or ribbons. Masks equipped with a spherical hinge, do not limit the patient's movement in a dream.

    Fixtures for exhalation

    Mandatory condition for the conduct of respiratory therapy is the reliable removal of exhaled air with a high content of carbon dioxide. For this, there are special devices for exhalation, where with the help of side holes, circular slots or special pores, effective removal of spent gases is guaranteed. To achieve maximum comfort, the silent functioning of devices is very important.

    Heads and ribbons for head

    The nasal mask is fixed on the head using the fixation system. Now these hats and ribbons are offered various modifications, colors and sizes, in accordance with the form of your head.


    Patients with sensitive, prone to rapid drying of the nasal mucosa, need additional air humidifiers. Humidifiers are saturated with water steam stream, protecting airways from drying. The so-called heat-air humidifiers are especially effective, in which additional heating of saturated air water occurs. This achieves higher air humidity, compared with cold air humidifiers. The selection of the humidifier is carried out in each case individually.

    Juous tires / Ortesa

    A small group of patients with obstructive sleep apnea is also helped by special jaw tires or orthoses, which are somewhat nominated the lower jaw.

    Medical therapy

    Drug treatment with the drug Theophylline is amenable to only a few patients with a light shape of sleep apnea.

    Operational treatment

    Some patients can help maxillofacial or LOR surgery. In operational intervention, the tongue and part of the soft nose are removed, stabilizing and expanding the throat. However, due to a fairly low success, this technique does not find more widely applications in patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

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