Pneumonia: how to recognize and what to do


  • One in three faces
  • Where does that come from?
  • Time is expensive

  • If you ask the elderly: what kind of illness for your children was most afraid of their moms and grandmothers? – Be sure to hear: lung inflammation.
    And not surprising. To era antibiotics – and it began with the late 30s
    years of last century – from equity pneumococcal pneumonia, or like her
    Then called the bruboral inflammation of the lungs, died 85 out of 100

    Now even this hardest variety of pneumonia is timely
    Diagnosis is not as terrible: a variety of and effective
    Antibacterial drugs and modern medical organization
    help drastically changed the situation. And nevertheless illness
    still threatens with severe consequences.

    One in three faces

    Pneumonia – infectious, i.e. caused by pathogenic microorganisms, damage to the lungs with the obligatory development of the relaxing process in alveoli, where gas exchanges occurs, blood
    is saturated with oxygen and carries it to all tissues and organs. In degree
    gravity pneumonia is divided into light, medium and heavy.

    Fortunately, in severe, the disease is only about 7–fourteen%
    Cases. And yet, even light pneumonia – Serious disease,
    to which it is necessary to relate to the highest degree.

    Path agents can be
    and pneumococcus, streptococcus, and staphylococcus, and influenza viruses, adenoviruses, and mycoplasma, and chlamydia…

    Today, the pneumonia of light flow is treated at home – nothing like
    Be sure to make injections of antibiotics in the hospital. But it is not
    refers to representatives of risk groups that are required permanent
    medical observation, and often treatments for treatment only
    in hospital conditions. They determine various diseases of the disease, the degree of its gravity and the choice of tactics of treatment.

    Where does that come from?

    Pneumonia: how to recognize and what to do
    Why, despite the abundance of effective antibiotics and other
    antibacterial agents, pneumonia still remains among
    Dangerous diseases?

    Wine – We ourselves, because we often do not pay
    attention to the symptoms of the disease, first similar to Banal ARVI: cough,
    Small temperature rise, malaise… Even pain in side and some
    difficulty breathing is not always alarming.

    Meanwhile, these
    Symptoms often testify to pneumonia.
    Other scenario develops the so-called secondary pneumonia. Initially, a person really picks up ARVI or flu, laryngitis, tracheitis. After a while, when the disease seems to be held, suddenly the temperature rises again, the cough is enhanced, pain in the side appears... Know – it is no longer an ARVI, but almost true pneumonia. But where did she come from?

    In a healthy person, harmful particles falling into the body when breathing
    (for example, dust, microbes) are in contact with the semicircle epithelium,
    lining the inner surface of the respiratory tract, only 0.1
    seconds and then outlined with mucus. Not this happens in a patient ARVI
    or influenza. Viruses causing these diseases damage the mechanisms
    Respiratory Protection (Cells and Cells Generating
    mucus), opening the way for malicious bacteria to the tissues of the lungs. except
    that viral infection lowers the resistance of the entire body.
    Now it becomes clear why even at the Banal ORVI itself it is impossible
    be frivolous, should be treated at home until normalizes
    Temperature and will not pass all the manifestations of the disease.

    Time is expensive

    The main thing – Immediately call a doctor. Only he can put the right
    diagnosis and suspension of pneumonia, immediately begin treatment as well
    Appoint X-ray examination, blood test (with pneumonia
    There is always an increased leukocyte content and an increased ECU)
    And, preferably, the analysis of sputum: this will allow you to determine the pathogen and
    choose exactly the antibiotic that
    will beat exactly in target. Before receiving the result, the doctor may appoint,
    As usual and happens, an antibiotic, and in the severe flow of pneumonia
    The combination of antibiotics to overlap the spectrum of possible
    microorganisms that caused pneumonia. It is very important to scrupulously perform
    Appointments of a specialist.

    From how quickly the diagnosis is raised depends
    Duration of treatment and outcome of the disease. If pneumonia has revealed
    The very beginning of its development, for treatment will be required about a week. If
    The diagnosis is made on 3–5th day and complications arose – until 3–4 weeks.
    Not captured in time pneumonia is treated to 2 or more months, and sometimes
    not to treat. We must not forget that in our days die
    from pneumonia from 3 to 46% of sick.

    Create conditions for the victory of your macroorganism over microorganisms.
    With a dry, annoying cough recommended expectorant,
    Faced wetting department. At high temperature – Antipiretics
    (Drugs that reduce temperature), abundant drink: tea with lemon,
    Juices, mineral water. And, of course, vitamins, among which
    Certain doses of ascorbic acid in combination with routine – To
    same powerful anti-inflammatory.

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