Furuncula, treatment


  • Causes of furunculus appearance
  • Aromatherapy in the treatment of boils
  • Herrapure in the treatment of boils
  • Naturopathy in the treatment of boils

  • If several furunculov are close to each other, they can
    form an extensive inflammatory hearth with several filled
    GNOM «Heads», Such a focus is called Carbuncle. If
    Furuncules are repeated for you, it means that you suffer a furunculosis.
    Familiar to everyone barley on the eye - this is actually a furuncle arising from the eyelashes.

    Causes of furunculus appearance

    As a rule, furuncules occur when a person is weakened either
    stress or incorrect diet and bad hygienic conditions,
    But more often they accompany other diseases - for example, diabetes,
    in which the high blood sugar level provides meals for
    bacteria. In general, treatment from the very beginning should be directed to,
    To the furuncle formed «head», Furunkul broke down and pus
    Output outward. It is necessary that everything that is applied to the furuncle
    Outside, it was as cleaner - for example, use only sterile
    napkins when put a kip. With long-term treatment
    Natural methods are ideal for cleansing the whole organism as
    unified system, to stimulate immunity to prevent
    Further flashes of furunculese, to promote health and life


    In the treatment of furunculov

    So that the fabrics surrounding the furuncle remain clean and free
    from bacterial infection, very useful 2-4 times a day wash it
    Place with a 2 percent solution of lavender essential oil in the cooled
    boiled water using sterile cotton swabs if it
    Maybe. To delay the contents of a furuncle outward, put well
    Hot compresses with essential oils like Bergamot,
    Chamomile, Lavender and Mealleuki Oil. All of them possess
    versatile antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties and
    accelerate healing; In addition, they can be added to the bath as
    more general tools contributing to the elimination of harmful
    Substances. Perhaps it is best to choose a lavender oil, it is the most
    Universal oil for use at home.

    Deeper reasons for the decline in the body's life energy,
    let's say long stress, also demand attention, so we advise
    add essential oils in a bath or use them with a massage, it
    will help maintain the normal functioning of all organism systems.


    In the treatment of furunculov

    Furuncula, treatment
    If you seek help from tramorillate, he
    Assigns you as a means to receive inside and outdoor local
    Appliques, and exactly the same should be an approach when self-treatment.
    However, if the boils are repeated or not amenable to home
    treatment refer to the professional. Many herbs possess
    soothing and anti-inflammatory action, if applied to
    the form of the suppress; Let's call two excellent funds in this respect: Elm
    Rusty (Ulvusfulva) and Althae Drug (Althea Officinalis). Elm
    Rusty even got a nickname «Knife herbalist» For his ability
    Make a furuncle break. Divide the crushed boron elm in a small
    the amount of boiling water and the resulting Cashitz attach to the furuncle;
    The temperatures of the kashitz should be so high which you can only
    stand out.

    Similarly, you can use the crushed root of Altea
    medicinal; In addition, you can pour boiling water fresh leaves altea,
    So that they become softer, and apply them to the booster as hot
    Parish. When a furuncle breaks down, rinse this place to cooled
    Lavandow (Lavandula Vera) tea or continue to put on it
    Parish from ribbon smooth, but already cool - it will accelerate healing
    Sick place. If you have no herbs at your disposal,
    We recommend to lie down the inflamed place with fresh garlic, carefully
    Skin Light Skin. Garlic is useful to take in and inside
    Powerful antibiotic and good tool for strengthening the immune system.
    Among other herbal means cleansing blood, let's call the burdock
    (Arctium Lappa), Skup Curchay (Rumex Crispus) and dandelion root
    (Taraxa Cum Officinale) - All these funds are most effective as
    Demissions, as well as Zelennik Chain (Galium Aparine) and clover meadow
    (Trifoli- umpratense) - it is better to cook infusions.


    In the treatment of furunculov

    The diet will certainly need to carefully review, at least on
    for some time. It will contribute to the cleansing of the skin from harmful
    substances and supply of the immune system necessary nutritional
    substances so that both could function normally. except
    Togo, the correct diet will help the healing of fabrics. If possible,
    Try to observe a strict diet during the week, completely
    Excluding sugar, purified carbohydrates, tea, coffee, alcohol, cheese
    And all fried; Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and
    Small quantity of simple proteins. Liquid must mainly
    consist of water, especially key, and fruit juices (in hot weather
    diluted) or tea from herbs.

    Alcohol should be
    avoid. There may be a need to accept additional
    nutrients in the form of tablets: if a diet was for some time
    limited, we advise you to take high-quality multivitamins and
    tablets of minerals, as well as zinc - up to 25 mg daily in
    the course of the week and then 15 mg per day for another month. Local
    Treatment should consist of washing a furuncle hot water, it
    Help maturation «Heads». You can put hot instead
    Parish from large chopped outdoor cabbage leaves. If Furunkula
    repeat or do not pass, please contact a specialist.

    Fresh green lettuce leaves help skin cleansing.

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