Relief from acne


  • What precedes the appearance of acne?
  • Frequent mistakes in the fight against acne
  • What to do?
  • Treatment

  • What precedes the appearance of acne?

    manifest when closing the sila-hair ducts.
    This in turn contributes when the skin accumulates
    Excessive amount of skin saming skin cells. In teenagers
    Natural hormonal splash contributes to the appearance of acne. Also
    Hormonal changes in the body can lead to the appearance of acne in
    any age. This explains the fact that approximately
    Half of female people in front of the menstrual cycle appear acne.

    The eels contribute to various diseases – Endocrine system I
    genital glands. Cosmetics that women are trying Relief from acnedisguise
    Disadvantages (powder, tonal cream) is often the reason for the appearance
    acne, because does not give skin «breathe». An important role is played by food.
    Products such as chocolate, fatty food, oil can contribute
    The appearance of acne. But relative to the influence of food for the appearance
    There are no scientifically based data, conclusions are made of
    observations of patients themselves.

    in everyday life called «Hotunks». It is connected with the opinion that acne
    rash appears from a lack or overaffect of sex. However, no
    scientifically proven facts on this account does not exist.

    Frequent mistakes in the fight against acne

    The most common mistake in the treatment –
    Selfie. As a rule, the one who has acne appeared, immediately starts
    carefully and more often wash, in addition to soap. In addition, apply
    Various leather drying lotions. Such actions only aggravate
    the course of the disease, since the root cause of eels is not at all bad hygiene

    Cosmetics against acne
    rash acts more often only when their use began on early
    the stage of the disease, and then at all are useless. Because the
    cosmetics – This is not a medicine, but nothing except medicine, as
    It is known not to be treated. The most dangerous in the self-treatment of acne – scarring,
    which can stay on the skin for life. So better to apply
    for help from specialists.

    What to do?

    Helping the skin to get rid of acne need
    Competent. First, it is important to establish the reason for their appearance
    (consultation of the dermatologist), secondly, to act depending on
    Age. If the patient is over 25 years old, then he needs not only
    advise the dermatologist, but also to be examined in detail on
    The presence of diseases.


    Can not be treated with acne rash each one one
    Pattern scheme. After all, each has its own reason for the appearance of rashes. Treatment
    must be appointed by a doctor after a detailed examination of the patient. At
    The appointment of the treatment regimen is also taken into account as the age of the patient, gender,
    Duration and severity of the disease. Often for treating acne
    Research is needed by local antibiotics, acids.
    The duration of treatment also depends on the above factors.

    average it is more than two months. After treatment is necessary
    Get recommendations at the attending physician on the issue of proper care

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