• Malocclusion
  • What are the causes of the wrong bite
  • How to diagnose and treat an irregular bite


    Under the correct bite understand this position of the jaws,
    in which the upper teeth are slightly overlapped. However, right
    bite boasts very few. According to stomatological data
    statistics, only 10% of the population of the Earth «bite as it should».

    Incorrect bite happens:

    • distal - excessively developed upper jaw or underdeveloped lower;
    • Mesial - advanced lower jaw;
    • deep - the upper teeth overlap the bottom more than half of their length;
    • Open - most of the top and lower jaw teeth are not closed;
    • Cross - unilateral underdevelopment of the upper or lower dentition;
    • associated with dystopia (for example, fangs) - the teeth are not in their place in the dentition (above, below or side).

    • What are the causes of the wrong bite

      The main causes of incorrect bite consider:

      • MalocclusionHeredity - the wrong bite is transferred from parents to children;
      • Transferred
        in childhood, chronic diseases (rhinitis, adenoids), in which
        the child gets used to breathing not nose and mouth. If the mouth is constantly
        ajar, on its lower jaw does not refuse the desired uniform
        pressure from the tongue and cheeks, and the development is delayed
        lower jaw;
      • Harmful habits in children - sucking fingers, tongue, handles and long-term use of nipples (more than 1-1.5 years);
      • Early removal of dairy teeth;
      • inconsistency of the size of the teeth (large) and jaws;
      • Violation of the production of hormone thyroid gland.

      improper closure of teeth or the absence of contact between food
      poorly chewed and not processed properly. This is
      leads to various diseases of internal organs.

      bite can not only cause violation of diction,
      But also promote frequent headaches, diseases of the throat-nose,
      Diseases of the stomach and t.D.

      How to diagnose and treat an irregular bite

      You suspected the wrong bite, consult
      to orthodontist doctor. The doctor will inspect and prescribe a review
      X-ray image of both jaws. And on the same day you can start
      To correct the wrong bite.

      Treat the bite anomalies is never late, but it is necessary to remember that the earlier start treatment, the better.

      Incorrect bite can be fixed using removable or non-removable devices. Removable devices include all sorts Plates, Kappa and T. D., to non-removable - braces.

      represent metal or ceramic plates that
      Strengthen on the teeth (outside or from the inside). They are connected special
      Metal Wire, which has uniform pressure on the teeth
      and returns them to the correct position. The same role is played
      and traditional plates. All these devices allow not only
      Correfe bite, but also to put twisted teeth.

      Newest preventive apparatus - Trainers -
      affecting the muscles of the maxillofacial area and language. They are
      Applied in children 7-10 years. These devices can stimulate either
      slow down the growth of jaws, change the width of the nose and the shape of the jaw bones,
      contributing to the alignment of teeth at the stage of their teething. This apparatus
      does not require round-the-clock wearing, baby clothes him only for the night
      and does not experience complexes due to violations of diction and appearance.

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