Rectal cancer


Rectal cancer
The last 10 years, the frequency of the rectal cancer has grown by 20%. Men are ill
A little more than women. Predisposing factor for the development of rectum cancer — Nutrition with predominance of protein and fatty products, low content
fiber. Paragraphs include polyps, nonspecific ulcerative

On the
Early stages tumor does not show itself. The most frequent symptom — Intestinal bleeding. When cancer, in contrast to hemorrhoids, blood
precede a chair or stirred with feces. Often there is an admixture of pus or mucus
in Kale. The second frequency symptom — Changing the shape of the feces, diarrhea, constipation, false
Causes for defecation, sense of incomplete intestinal emptying. Pain occurs on
later stages when the tumor germinates neighboring organs.

Surveys for early detection of cancer and precautions are oncologist. The most reliable diagnostic method — colonoscopy, it needs to be held
When reached 45 years. Further colonoscopy repeat every 3 years. Persons
from the risk group (chronic colitis, family polyposis colon, adenoma and
Colon Polyps, Breast Cancer) Colonoscopy
Perform annually. In the rectal cancer, oncomarkers Ca-19-9, Raa rises.

rectum cancer mainly surgical. In early stages it is possible
Removing a tumor through anal hole without cut skin. With later
Stages remove the rectum, surrounding fiber, lymph nodes. At low
The location of the tumor operation ends with the conclusion of the intestine to the front abdominal
Wall. Perhaps the operation of laparoscopically — without cuts through
Punching of the abdominal wall

With a common cancer, chemo and
Rauchery therapy. With early stages, five year survival exceeds 90%.

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