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    Often, fear of operation, adults decide to cope with their own way: to make her aid mechanical ways, take advantage of the recipes of traditional medicine, and even go to the Savark, speak. Often thereby moms and daddy only harm crude.

    About hernia and her treatment tells the chief children's urologist of the Government Health Committee. Moscow, associate professor of the Department of Children's Surgery, Candidate of Medical Sciences Lyudmila Borisovna Menovshchikov.

    What to attack?

    Hernia? Calm, only calm!Often say child «Screened» her aid or overstress tummy, as a result of which she formed. This is wrong. In children, in contrast to adults, hernia is always congenital. And it happens like boys and girls, and quite often.

    Types of hernia several. But most often there are two varieties: the hernia groin and hernia poucher.

    Pahnaya hernia is formed by the baby before his birth. At the stage, when the genitals are laid. In girls, the uterus is fastened first on two bundles, which hold it in a vertical position. Then they gradually begin to grow together, forming a peritone — Fabric that envelops internal organs. When the time and the uterus comes down on its «Legal» place, the peritonean may not stick up and, forming a bag in the shape of a bag, to protrude out. The same thing happens in boys when the testicles are lowering in the scrotum. In this case, the hernia can manifest itself either in the area of ​​groin or in the scrotum.

    Basic hernia happens in boys and girls. Crook intrauterine food occurs through the vessels of the placenta and the umbilical ring. When after childbirth, the cord is cut off, the child's own blood circulation system begins to work. On the edge of the ring there are weak venous vessels, so it may not come up immediately. If part of the peritoneum comes out through this hollow space, convexity in the navel area is formed — umbilical hernia.

    How to understand that the child has hernia?

    Even if your baby has a congenital hernia, detect it immediately after childbirth it is not always possible. In some cases, it may not appear at all and with time to self-deceit.

    Inguinal hernia can be recognized by several signs. In the groin or on the scrotum (in boys) asymmetry appears, or protruding. Sometimes a shishchka can change its shape and size: when the kid strains or shouts, it increases in front of the eyes when the child is calm, decreases. If the hernia shape is uncomplicated, she does not cause any discomfort. That is why parents tend to do not want to contact a doctor. Waiting for what will disappear over time.

    Under the umbilical hernia, the swelling of the pea to a small apple is formed in the navel area. If you press it with your finger, it can disappear for a while.


    The situation is much more dangerous if the hernia is frowning. Through the so-called hernia gate to the bag formed by the peritoneum, other organs fall. Boys are most often part of the intestines, girls — ovarian. Pinching can occur at the moment when the kid shouts or straining. There is a very dangerous situation.

    If the intestine is thrown, its part that fell into the hernial bag instantly blue. It stops the influx of blood, the vessels swell. This area is quickly inflamed, because it is most often in the intestine is Cal. Already after 12—24 hours after pinching this intestinal section can be completely atrophy. At the top of the intestine that did not fall into the peritoneum, the food gradually accumulates, because through the attacked plot there can not go further. The tummy at the kid sweeps, gases do not depart, the chair stops. Sharp pains torment the crumb, he becomes restless, cries, pursue legs. The most dangerous sign — vomit.

    In girls, if the ovary falls into the hernial bag, pinching appears differently. The tube is overlap, which leads to the ovary, and it gradually devies. The influx of blood to it is terminated, and the body becomes insensitive. The pain subsides, the baby calms down, and parents decide that it's not worth a doctor — everything went by itself. And often later, with surgery (it is still inevitable), removed already dead ovary.

    Pinching — The most severe and dangerous form of hernia. It itself cannot be liquidated. Without urgent surgical intervention in this case can not do.

    What to do?

    Hernia? Calm, only calm!The main thing — Do not panic if you notice herriation at the kid. And first of all, contact the district pediatrician or other doctor. He will tell you how to act further.

    With groin hernia, there is almost always a surgical intervention. But you do not need to hurry. The operation of the baby is usually done after 6 months, and sometimes later — This will determine the surgeon. Just in some cases, the peritonese can be fighting herself.

    In case of umbilical hernia, it is extremely rare to operation, after the child is fulfilled 6—7 years. Because the umbilical ring, most likely, will grow up over time. The best way to get rid of hernia quickly — Strengthen the abdominal muscles of the child. To do this, put it enough to put it on the stomach and make a simple massage.

    With both form of hernia, various grandmother's recipes are absolutely useless. No pyataks and tight dressings applied to hernia, pressing with your finger and all the more wiping with vinegar, infused from herbs, attracting a magnet and t. D. Do not help. If you decide to appeal to the inspection of the zagarka, know that such women just successfully use their life experience. There are cases that with a groin hernia, a hanzhe gate (passage to the bag) is very narrow. Pinched in this case can not be, but liquid seeps in the peritoneum — various «juices» organism. Absolutely non-hazardous waterfront occurs.

    Savory, realizing that the baby is just such a, non-hazardous, form of illness, assure that the hernia is spoken. After a while, when the water tank itself passes, the grateful parents rejoice that they so successfully avoided the operation. Therefore, in order not to be deceived, consult with a specialist. It will determine which form of the disease from your crumbs.

    How is the operation going

    If nevertheless, the baby grozen hernia, requiring operation, do not worry. She is very simple and takes little time. The whole procedure is to drag the hernia gate. An experienced surgeon does it for 2—3 minutes. Anesthesia is valid for 10—15 minutes. Scar from cut Santimeter.

    Operation make when a child is somatically healthy (no colds) and if he has good tests. So, you know, nothing terrible.

    Much more difficult if the baby is pinned. In this case, as soon as notice that the baby is worried, it is sick, no stool, the stomach hurts, the shape and dimensions of the bulges do not change even when pressing, do not postpone for a second. Immediately call «ambulance». In such a situation, all contraindications to the operation are relative. It must be done anyway. There is only one requirement: to be treated by a children's urologist, because the reasons for the occurrence of hernia and methods of surgical intervention are completely different.

    And that later?

    Operation in hernia is so simple and worked out by surgeons, which is most often after it complications does not occur. Changes in the body minimum. Therefore, the day after the operation (and sometimes after 12 hours), you can not limit the baby in motion and return home with it.

    It is only necessary to observe some of the postoperative stay rules: not to remove a sterile sticker from the seam, and if it dug out, anoint the wound with the greenfront and stick a new one (they are sold in pharmacies); For seven days, do without walks, so that the baby be in a calm, familiar and cozy home setting, next to mom; the same seven days do not bathe crumb — give to heow seam.

    Now you know that hernia is not a reason for excessive concern. The main thing is when it is discovered to immediately consult a doctor and not be afraid of the operation. Do not bring the situation to the limit and provoke a dangerous pinch.

    Massage with umbilical hernia

    • Make light circular movements with palm around the navel clockwise.
    • «Bell» — Big finger attach to the navel and carry out vibrating movements.
    • Cover the navel area with the palm and, slightly pressing, turn it clockwise.
    • Place your palms on both sides of the navel and move the left palm down, right up, and then the opposite.
    • Fold the fingers to the pinch and press them in a circle from the umbilical ring.
    • Massage must be done before each feeding.

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