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  • Atheroma, symptoms atheroma
  • Treatment atheroma

  • Atheroma, symptoms atheroma

    Atheroma, china gland, steatoma
    (atheroma) - is an intracutaneously or subcutaneously located
    Painless tumor with a smooth surface, round or slightly
    oblong shape movable when palpation.

    Despite the community of clinical and morphological
    character, between these two types of atters you can reveal some
    Difference. So, retention cysts are more common in the field of face, neck and
    backs in men; they have faster growth and are isolated and
    multiple, equal values, prone to merge into bug
    Conglomerates and inflammation. On the surface of the tumor can be observed
    extended hole through which periodically spontaneously or
    When pressing the contents of atteroma. True atheroma
    they differ in slower growth, meet more often in women
    scalp, reach very large sizes.

    Treatment atheroma

    Atter treatment is possible in any phase. Erroneous
    It should be considered that the surgical removal is subject to only
    Atteromes that have reached large sizes. Small unrevented atters can
    Be deleted with the help of electrocoagulation: scalpery-like electrode
    make a small suction of the skin through the atheroma capsule, and then with fingers
    squeeze the contents. Through the resulting hole tweezers and
    A spoon is removed capsule. Cavity is treated with 5% iodine mortar and
    Apply aseptic bandage. Capsule Capsules and Painness
    Procedures are provided by preliminary infiltration of tissues around
    Capsules 0.5% novocaine solution.

    Surgical removal atheroma
    When inflammation atteroma in more
    Early dates prescribe local UHF and anti-inflammatory ointments. IN
    Case intoxication of the body - antibiotics (tetracycline, oleandomycin
    and etc.). 2-3 weeks after the disappearance of inflammatory phenomena
    Showing electrosurgery and tumor removal.

    Hanging atheromes
    need a slight section of an ulcer through which they produce
    The molten content of the atheroma and the remains of the capsule. A spoon is removed
    Content residues, and cavity is treated with furacilin solutions,
    Ranienola and introduce a strip with antiseptic ointments (Vishnevsky ointment,
    Furacilin ointment and others.). Healing in these cases is slow
    by secondary tension. Sometimes introduced an emulsion around atter
    Acetate hydrocortisone at a dose of 1 ml of a solution containing 25 mg
    drug for 10-12 days. Small inflamed atteromes,
    located close to the skin surface, migrate with liquid nitrogen.

    Surgical by atteroma is removed after tissue infiltration around
    Tumors 1% novocaine or trimecain solution with adding several
    Drops 0.1% adrenaline solution. Skin cut in the form of spindle passes
    Above the center of the tumor from the top to the lower pole and in accordance with
    skin tension lines, which contributes to the formation of the most
    Cosmetic postoperative scar. Skin section over atteroma
    Capture tweezers or hemostatic clamp and start
    Pester tissue. Reaching the atheroma capsule, follows strictly under control
    Eyes to produce further manipulations to warn autopsy
    Capsules and allocation of contents in the wound. In case of opening capsule
    You can try to move the clip on the edge of the break or, release
    content, introduce a fine gauze strip into the cavity of the atheroma that
    Promotes further detachment and better tumor contouring.
    Special attention should be paid to the complete removal of the capsule, since
    The remaining part of the capsule contributes to the growth of atteroma. After deletion
    Atteroma is sewn in a layer of Rana Ketgut (
    Self-sessing surgical suture), Konsky
    hair or thin silk. Seams are removed in 5-6 days.

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