Stomach pain - causes, symptoms and diagnostics


If stomach hurts...

Quite often we, drawing attention to the pain in the stomach of an indefinite nature, try to stop, that is, to reduce or reduce to no, pain attack and appeal to the doctor when it's very innerpe. Nevertheless, there are some signs, to detect which as early as possible – They can talk about the acute disease or exacerbation of chronic, and the delay can affect the timing and effectiveness of treatment. Pains can cause, for example, diseases and damage to both digestive organs and chest organs – Hearts, lungs, as well as spine and spinal cord.

The place of the special intensity of pain in most cases indicates the defeat of the body, which is located in the area of ​​the pain. Determine where you have, you can, putting my palm on the abdominal wall and gently, but trying to sell deeply, pressed your fingers on the belly. It is best to carry out such self-diagnostics lying on the back: in this position the abdominal wall muscles relax and palpate easier.

Where does it hurt?

Pains under the spoon have the most diverse character: stupid or sharp, sawing or nunning. Such pains can be felt behind the sternum in the course of the esophagus, do not depend on the preceding physical activity, but may be associated with a diet violation – Eating sharp or acidic products, strong coffee. At the time of a special increase in pain, vomiting may arise, bringing relief and sacrificing pain. Such pain is characteristic of gastritis and ulcer of the stomach. During the attack you can attach to the area of ​​the stomach of the warm height, drink hot fastening tea or just hot water.

With cholecystitis or other liver diseases, pain arise under the ribs to the right, go to the lower back to the right, the right half of the chest and the right shoulder. Accompanied by a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, maybe vomiting bile, after which it comes to relief. During the attack, you can apply the height on the right hypochondrium.

Prints of acute pancreatitis, that is, inflammation of the pancreas, are pain of a concerning nature: in all the upper parts of the abdomen, give to the lower back. Accompanied by dry mouth and an unpleasant flavor, multiple vomiting that does not bring relief, it is possible to increase blood pressure. Such pains may be provoked by the use of alcoholic, acute or fatty food on the eve. Immediately apply for medical care: as a result of the violation of the activity of the pancreas begins to digest with his own digestive enzymes, do not postpone the challenge soon for a minute!

Stomach hives
In the intestinal disease, pain is characterized near the navel. If they appeared suddenly, sharp, grabs, strong - this is an intestinal colic. Provoke it can food rich in fiber, strong coffee, chocolate. Warm heater, spasmolitics, lie on the stomach in a bent position. Pains pass on their own in a few minutes, but may later appear again.

Pain in the middle sections of the abdomen on the one hand, which developed suddenly, giving up to the lower back, is accompanied by rapid urinary urges, the presence of fresh blood in the urine. All this testifies to the discharge of stone from the kidney. Pains are so strong that patients are moving in bed without finding their own places, moan. No wonder it is also called «Birth stone». Easy condition will help the heater, hot tub, antispasmodics.

Pains at the bottom of the abdomen, above the pubic, which are in crotch and (or) into dissolved areas, which do not depend on the load or enhanced when walking, most often indicate a gynecological disease. When adding allocations from the vagina to these symptoms, you need to urgently turn to the gynecologist.

Arriving suddenly, sharp, severe abdominal pain at the bottom right or left above the pubic, which are accompanied by dizziness, weakness, fainting – One of the symptoms of the gap of the cyst of the ovary or ectopic pregnancy. Especially if the pains then became painful, moved to the epigastric region and hypochondrium, and give in the neck and shoulder joints. This happens with significant hemorrhages in the abdominal cavity. Need to immediately call «ambulance».

Pains down to the right may appear first as with gastritis - in the post-in area, then gradually enhanced and fall into the right-air region. If they are in the rectum, strengthen when walking, increase when trying to lie on the left side – Call «ambulance»; most likely it is acute appendicitis.

In the event that the pains were at the beginning somewhere in the stomach, but you did not appeal for medical help, and now they bloom across the abdomen, in the mouth, dry, nauseous, the temperature rose, the weakness arose, – High probability peritonitis. This is the inflammation of all the abdominal organs with the formation of pus, in the near future - sepsis, t. E. blood infection, so you need to call a doctor immediately!

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