Application of sharp fat for joints

On the unique composition of fat from the liver of sharks man guess from time immemorial. Modern science confirmed this assumption: the liver of a dangerous underwater predator is the source of the most valuable biological substance for our health.

With the help of natural sharp fat, you can not only cure some diseases, but also to protect yourself from the appearance of new. That is why biologically active raw materials have been widely used in the preparation of drugs for traditional treatment, as well as in creating all sorts of miraculous ointments by folk healers. With a special success of sharp fat, sore joints.

Useful properties of shark fat

shark fat, fat, treatment of joints, joints

Natural matter that uses traditional medicine, mined directly from the liver shark. An important liver component of the aggressive ocean inhabitants is rich in vitamins, microelements and various nutritional components. Let's list the most important of them:

  1. Squalen. This element is considered a fundamental active component of drugs that were cooked from sharp fat. Given the mechanism of action of the squalene, it can be safely called powerful Antioxidant. However, this useful qualities do not end: the substance is distinguished by persistent painkillers, anti-inflammatory and reducing properties. Moreover, scientists managed to find out that the systematic arrival of the squalence in the body increases the general immunity. The substance is also perfectly opposed to the formation of various tumors.
  2. Squaline. It is an antibacterial and antifungal component of sharp fat. The most efficient this substance acts in the treatment of infectious arthritis, when it is necessary to quickly eliminate inflammation.
  3. Alkoxylglycerides. Specific compounds support the body's immunity at the proper level, as well as play a major role in the process of restoring the cartilaginous tissue tissue, affected Arthrosis.
  4. Polyunsaturated fatty acids. These substances control the level of cholesterol in the body, if necessary, lowering it, and also prevent its deposit on the walls of the vessels. At the same time, with the participation of fatty acids is established metabolism in the body.
  5. Vitamins A, E and D. In the acute lack of these active ingredients, the entire body suffers, in particular, all the structures of the musculoskeletal system are experiencing a larger load on the basis of their deficit.
  6. In sufficient quantity for good human well-being shark fat contains a number of microelements in the form of copper, iron, zinc and iodine.

As practice shows, fat extracted from the liver of a underwater predator is able to regenerate joints, therefore medicines, as part of which the predominant component is the shark fat, are actively used in the treatment of all sorts of diseases of the spine and joints. Such drugs reduce the intensity of pain, help reduce inflammation, normalize metabolic processes and stimulate blood circulation in the structure of affected cartilage.

Features of the use of natural substance

Today at the disposal of official and alternative medicine there are a number of medicines created using sharp fat. Apply such medicines internally and externally: drugs are produced in the form of oral capsules, anal suppositories, gels, creams and ointment for outdoor rubbing.

To facilitate the condition of the patient suffering from the defeat of the joints, the external ointments and gels based on sharp fat - they were recognized as the most effective means in the struggle for the health of cartilage tissue. Therapeutic agent rubbed into the affected joint from 2 to 4 times a day.

Take note!

shark fat, fat, treatment of joints, joints

The modern pharmaceutical market offers buyers a variety of drugs, which includes natural shark fat. Let's consider the most popular.

Cream shark fat, shark cartilage.

In addition to the main active substance, the composition of this drug includes chondroitin (natural substance, from which the cartilaginous fabric is consisting of), a plurality of plant extracts and essential oils. The tool is anesthetically paint, quickly relieves inflammation and restores the affected articulation. This is an effective drug against arthrosis.

Superhash and shark cartilage.

The tool contributes to the restoration of the cartilage tissue: relieves pain and regenerates the affected area of ​​cartilage. In addition, the drug will be as impossible by the way during the batter period after the fracture, as well as to remove harmful salts from the joints with reduced motor activity. The cream consists of sharp fat, chondroitin, essential oils, zinc, calcium and phosphorus.

Shark fat with the addition of shungitis.

Out of ointment you can safely go to the pharmacy at the first symptoms of arthritis, arthrosis, Gout, Osteochondrosis, Ishias. The drug was created on the basis of collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine - the complex of these substances is a powerful regenerating composition for the treatment of cartilage tissue.

Podpper and shark fat.

Cream treats joints, suffering from osteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis. Thanks to the extract of red pepper, menthol and camphor, the agent has a pronounced warming effect, quite quickly removes pain and stimulates circulation in immobilized joints.

Shark fat with the addition of formic acid.

In addition to sharp fat, cream is enriched with a generous portion of formic acid, extracts of therapeutic plants and chipper extract. This «ratty» The mixture is perfectly acknowledged and removes inflammation in articulations after unsuccessful drops.

Honey, mustard and shark fat.

The tool will be useful when the affected place must be warm. In addition, after the use of the cream, the spine and the joints quickly leave pain. An important point - after half an hour after rubbing the drug, the skin surface must be carefully witch in a wet cloth.

Birch leaves and shark fat.

The remedy is noteworthy intense cooling effect, therefore it is indispensable in the first minutes after the injury of the joints or soft tissues. The drug is additionally enriched with Menthol.

Contraindications for the use of sharp fat

shark fat, fat, treatment of joints, joints

From the idea of ​​treatment with sharp fat, people need to be abandoned by people with individual supersensitiveness not only to this substance, but also in the intolerance to other seafood - there is a risk of developing an allergic complication.

Capsules containing the natural component of the liver of the shark, people with reduced pressure are recommended to be taken very carefully, since the drug sometimes provokes the development of arterial hypotension.

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