10 ways to get rid of PMS


10 ways to get rid of PMSNo woman out of 85% of PMS suffering from PMS does not like this nasty. But we know as many as ten methods that you can and need to try to say goodbye to hated symptoms.

Great happiness that PMS is not issued to girls with the beginning of menstruation. However, if polling thirty-year-old women, it turns out that no less than 85% of them every month before the start of the cycle, at least one of the unwanted symptoms.

Alas, official treatment of PMS does not exist, and some only contemptuously snorted, having heard the complaint against the premenstrual syndrome. Nevertheless, PMS — This is a reality, poisoning life not only the woman itself, but also everyone who surrounds her. Let's collect together all simple ways to get rid of the mood drops, nausea, dizziness and about a hundred fifty other symptoms of PMS.

one. Adjust food

A special diet for the PMS period is not and will not. But there are types of food, which exacerbate the common symptoms of the last ten days before the start of the cycle. For example, an incoming diet easily causes gas formation, excess caffeine — Irritability and anxiety. Alcohol can strengthen the sense of meaningless life, and sugar, cookies and candy — increase the lability of the nervous system and lead to unpredictable and frequent change of mood.

For a week and a half before menstruation Eat more vegetables and fruits, porridge and other whole cereals.

But, by the way, it's not just that you eat, important — how. During the presumbivative onset, the PMS needs to be clearly followed in small breaks between food (no more than two hours), there are small portions and do not rush while chewing food.

2. Exercise!

Sport, even light, easily copes with physical, and with emotional symptoms of PMS. It is especially important to play sports that women who say that they have no strength in front of the menstrual period. Physical activity increases endurance, and withstand any ailment becomes much easier.

If you are engaged in sports rarely, from time to time, start making any cardoratives every day. Let it be a jump rope, ellipse twist, stepper, exercise bike or just fast walking. A little later add strengths. To cope with the PMS, you need a week: 2.5 hours of the average active aerobic load, 1 hour 15 minutes — Very intense cardiac / for example, running or interval exercise) and twice a 40 minutes — muscle strengthening exercises.

3. Try drinking vitamins

Vitamins can help in getting rid of nasty symptoms of PMS. Stress — not guaranteed to help, but only with some rather high probability. It's not about all vitamins, and first of all about B6 and E. One hundred percently convincing scientific evidence that these vitamins will help not feel the coming start of the cycle, not yet. But there is the experience of leading american clinics, where many years of gynecologists are watching the women who take B6 and E are ceased to suffer from PMS. Here are the approximate daily doses of some substances that bind to facilitate the state in seven or ten days before the menstrual cycle:

  • Calcium: 1 200 mg,
  • Magnesium: 400 mg,
  • Vitamin B6: from 50 to 100 mg,
  • Vitamin E: 400.

4. Try different herbs

Just like vitamins, herbs and other plants are unsolicited. However, some pharmacy fees, monotrays and other representatives of flora can greatly alleviate the flow of PMS, in particular, remove the painful racing of mood and spasms in the stomach.

Try to brew and every day twice drinks: a kittytic clopogon, raspberry sheet, ginger, evening primrose oil and dandelion. Also, ask your gynecologist or therapist that you can try to calm during the PMS.

five. Pay attention to stress

10 ways to get rid of PMSSo that the PMS does not become a monster that lies from the inside and outside, you need to rest as much as possible. Do not plan ten days before the start of the cycle of any deeds and projects of projects: it is better to strain up to the beginning of a critical period than to be in helplessness from our own physiology during hard work.
Sleep at least eight, and better nine o'clock. Consider the PMS period — This is a mini-illness when you can do what you want, but with double care about yourself. Non-shutty exacerbates almost all negative symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, so do not provoke.

And indulge yourself. Shopping and massage, lots of sex and reading, favorite music and creativity, swimming pool and sauna, spa and walks in parks and outside the city, yoga and horse riding, visit and entertainment — All that can come up with to relax and completely forget about work, loans and any problems that are in your life.

Stay attentive. If you know exactly what to meditate or deal with singing during the PMS you do not go out, do not raise yourself — You will return to your practices in a week and a half.

6. Do not be reckoned anesthetics

PMS — it is not only nausea and irritability. This is a headache, cramps in the abdomen and breasts, muscle lubrications and other at least «nice» Satellites. Do not neglect symptomatic treatment! Drink anesthetic and antispasmodics like ibuprofen and but-ships. And if you appoint medicines not yourself, but in collaboration with the therapist and / or gynecologist, the effect will be more noticeable.

7. Think about contraceptive pills

Do you remember that oral contraceptives are prescribed not only for pregnancy protection? In particular, there are often cases when the gynecologist discharges contraceptive to facilitate the woman the current PMS or reduce very strong pain in the first days of the cycle. The content of the active substances of the oral contraceptive may be minimal, perhaps insufficient for you personally, so as not to get pregnant. But if you are protected by barrier, if you do not need chemical protection against pregnancy, you will only become much easier to carry all states associated with the menstrual cycle. As a pleasant side effect — Clear and hangs the skin of the whole body.

eight. Do not be afraid antidepressant

Of course, we will not advise (and your doctors too) take antidepressants just so to stop nervous for ten days before the start of menstruation. However, antidepressants in domestic use call not only strong substances that are prescribed to people in critical condition, but also quite lightweight drugs — adaptogens that help relieve mental load.

We intentionally do not tell about what the antidepressants are, because this item concerns only those who are very tormented during the PMS, who manifests not one, and one hundred one symptom. If you know that you have tried everything that can and does not help, contact a psychologist who will tell you if you need to look at the psychiatrist and get a recipe for antidepressants.

nine. Record your symptoms

To understand what to deal with, you need to have a list of enemies before your eyes — Symptoms that you associate with PMS. Spend an experiment: within two or three months every day, fix several basic feelings and states that you especially rushed into the eyes. Do not do no conclusions — Just write. When the experiment expires, you will be able to analyze your records and understand whether extremely strong or unusual sensations with the upcoming menstrual cycle are connected with. According to the results it will be possible to go to the doctor and take measures.

10. Do not wait for the magic

And finally. Whatever you tried to facilitate the symptoms of PMS, do not expect an immediate result. Neither the grass nor the sport nor the change in the diet will not affect the second day after the start. Give yourself time, take patience and in no case do not throw the started. The magic is not to have a means of accelerated therapy, but in order to seek step by step, what helps you.

Lung you PMS!

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