Syrup, tablets or injection - what to choose?


Syrup, tablets or injection & ndash; what to choose?How to choose that effective dosage form that will quickly ensure the action of the required preparation in the right place and in the desired volume? It is no secret that today pharmacy provides the widest choice of various dosage forms, such as pills, candles, injections, patches, capsules, ointments and gels. It is very difficult to determine the choice of the drug that will act as you need and, of course, without side effects. It is known that concomitant effects — This most often the result of some unwanted biochemical reactions in the body appearing in response to the use of the drug.

Take for example antibiotics. In the title of the drug 2 Latin words: anti — against and bio — a life. In general, the antibiotic can be regarded as a drug harmful to the human body. Antibiotics can cause a strongest allergic reaction, to have a destructive effect on hearing and vestibular apparatus, digestive and blood formation organs. At the same time, with many diseases of the respiratory and urine system, inflammatory processes of the skin and internal organs, without them, can not do without them.

In the same place at the right hour

Medicinal preparations may differ in the method and place of exposure, in the speed of suction, as well as on the transformations that they undergo, falling into the body of the patient.

It is known, for example, what oys and gels are good «Work» on the skin cover and mucous membranes, while they do not fall into internal organs or in general blood flow.

Children's medicinal syrups are easy to use — they are easily dosed, pleasant on the smell and taste, they are easy to swallow.

Syrup, tablets or injection & ndash; what to choose?In the case when rapid and short-term impact is required, it is recommended to use intravenous injections or tablets under the tongue, for example, when the angina attack or hypertensive crisis is recommended. In contrast to this tablet or capsules begin their work after a certain period of time.

At a very high temperature, the child is treated with rectal candles becomes the most efficient and high-speed. Medicinal components of the candle are instantly absorbed into the richly bustling mucous membrane of the rectum and have an antipyretic effect.

It has been proven that each drug has an individual absorption speed and distribution in the body. These knowledge is used in cases where it is necessary to maintain a certain concentration of medication in the blood during the day, for example, in the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, ischemic heart disease.

About 80% of all drugs enters the body through the gastrointestinal tract, which means it is exposed to gastric juice and bile, destroyed and can change its structure. In order to avoid such a transformation, specialists use various shells and capsules that protect therapeutic properties of the drug from the destructive effect of hydrochloric acid.

Other situation occurs in the treatment of stomach and duodenal diseases. In this case, preference should be given to drugs dissolved in the stomach and affecting the focus of inflammation or erosion.

Today, American scientists work to create and implement an ultrasonic pill, with the help of which medicines will act in the body much faster.

What you should know the patient when taking drugs?

We have already discussed the form of drugs, but nothing was told about how they should be taken, how to achieve maximum effect when using various dosage forms?
Let's discuss these rules and recommendations.

Most often sounds the question than to drink medicine? The answer is unequivocal and simple: water. Refuse milk, coffee and tea. You should not drink juice, especially sachet and excessively sweet. All these drinks can completely neutralize the drug base of the drug, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

In response to the patient's complaints: «Doctor, this is a very big tablet and it's hard for me to swallow it», The doctor usually recommends not to grind and do not turn out a tablet or a capsule. Many drugs are covered with a special layer, which protects the medicine from premature destruction of the capsule in the stomach, allowing you to easily dissolve in the intestinal mucosa. In addition, grinding or separation of the tablet changes its dosage and reduces the necessary healing result.

Many medicinal syrups and medicines, which can be easily purchased today in any pharmacy, are replete with sugar, dyes and flavors, it's just so that you can be treated and at the same time enjoy. It should be remembered if such a drug exists in a tablet form, it means that it is free from all extra additives and the choice should be done in its favor. By this you protect your body and significantly reduce the risk of unwanted effects.

Preparations that are produced in the form of ointments are not at all pinned with a thick layer. It is mistaken to believe that it is, as in the case of butter: the thicker layer, the more tastier. In this case, the thinnest layer of ointments or gel begins to work, and not abundant lubrication of the victim.

Injection treatment is presented to the most efficient and productive. Resorting to injections at home, you need to know how to do them. However, there are cases when the injections at home have to abandon, for example, when using Botox, hyaluronic acid or the introduction of drugs inside the joints. Doctors of the whole world recommend entrusting this business to specialists. This is due to the fact that, without owning the technique of some injections, it is easy to apply irreparable harm to the body.

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