5 ways to protect yourself from microbes in the locker room of the sports club


5 ways to protect yourself from microbes in the locker room of the sports clubThe causes of dirt in the locker rooms are somewhat. Permanent crowds, mixing microflora flying in different directions of skin particles, hair and splashes of water, mixed with sweat and other physiological fluids. Pleasant little. But not going to the gym does not exit, unless you are superviser with the perfect power of will for systematic training at home. Will have to look for ways not to infect. We decided to help you. How not to pick up unnecessary nasty in warm and wet room, which is so loved by viruses, bacteria and mushrooms?

Method 1. Wash your hands

For the prevention of diseases, humanity has not yet invented anything better than a frequent washing of hands. They came to the dressing room — Wash hands. Dried — Sight palm. Returned from the Hall — Go to the sink. Whatever you touch in the sports club — simulators, door handles, lockers and keys, — All this is chipped by bacteria that will be happy to find a new cozy house in your body.

And please, as you can touch your face as much as possible. There can be no question of picking in the nose, climb your fingers into the eyes and choose from the teeth, the babies remaining with dinner. Each time you take a group lesson or training a clean towel, and better than a pack of paper scarves to wipe the sweat from the face and neck.

Method 2. Once again about the towel

By the way, the towel must be worn with me everywhere where you are going to lie down or sit down. Put under the ass, belly, back, shoulders — Whatever you are going to do. Simulators and especially the floor in the halls of the sports club, of course, wash, but definitely do not disinfect after each person. In this case, each trained and sweating leaves after itself a whole puddle of bacteria. Of course, the towel will not save you from all possible infections, but at least wait until the twisted soul and throw a washcloth in the washing earlier than you have time to absorb allone in.

Method 3. And again... about Towel

5 ways to protect yourself from microbes in the locker room of the sports clubNot all towels are equally useful. In 2009 «The magazine of infections of developing countries» published an article in which it was said that pathogenic golden staphylococcus lives even on a wicked towel for several days. He dies, only if the towel was filled with a bleach and dried in a drying machine at high temperatures.

In addition, all well absorbing towels retain more bacteria than poorly absorbing quick-drying towels from sports fabrics. Do not greading and buy one sports towel: you will save yourself from a variety of infectious troubles. And please do not shake a towel somewhere in the fall, immediately after use, hide it in a separate package and immediately, by returning home, throw in washing.

Method 4. We only walk shovel

The simplest way to earn fungal infection — stand by barefoot in the shower or on the floor locker. Some athletes compare the need to stand on the floor with bare legs with driving at a speed of 120 km / h without seat belts. Forgot slaps at home? Better come back for them and come to the hall half an hour later, but do not risk health.

Method 5. Do not be afraid of changing rooms

Absurd advice after the previous four? Not at all. Hand Soap, Sports Towels and Rubber or Plastic Slippers — and you are most protected from locker room microbes. Become paranoid and afraid to concern the public hair dryer or door handles in the locker room? Wear a pack of wet antibacterial wipes. Closing one in hand, you can imperceptibly wipe it all, to what they touch, and do not look abnormal.

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