How to organize care for patients with stroke


Patient care tips with stroke

After stroke can long
Time to persist motor disorders (hemipapes, hemiplich),
Violations of speech and other violations. Restoration of broken functions
It occurs slowly, so patients who have undergone stroke require
special attention and careful professional care. What to
regret not always present in urban hospitals.

acute period of illness special attention should be paid to prevention
respiratory disorders, development of pneumonia, as well as prevention
Proleegoes. It is necessary to rotate the patient every two hours in
Position on the side. Of great importance are common
Events, skin care, daily wiping camphor alcohol,
Special toilet water or mixture of vodka with shampoo. When appearance
Skin redness and maceration - treatment of manganese solution

Patient must be forged daily. At
The use of the vessel or duck under them is melted by the oil-covered top
Diaper. When incontinence can and conveniently use diapers, but
If your patient is under constant supervision, better
use moisture-absorbing disposable diapers.

How to organize care for patients with stroke
It is also necessary to monitor the oral cavity, you can process the mucous membrane of the mouth with 5% soda solution or drone with glycerol.

feeding the patient sitting on it or lifting his head in
Depending on the state. But in case of violation of swallowing reflex,
Special feeding methods apply. Food should be easy
Digested, vitaminized.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the work of the intestine, seriously illness is the most effective is the cleansing enema.

The value of the patient in bed. Since after stroke
The characteristic change in the tone is developing, it is necessary to give
physiologically correct position of the body, especially affected
Limbs. For this purpose, Longs are used for hand, cut from
Plywood covered with cotton and bandage. The hand should be dispersed in the elbow
the joint, the fingers are dispersed and spread, the Longay is superimposed on
Palute surface and fixed by bandage up to half of the forearm. Leg
must be bent in the knee joint to 15-20 degrees, knee
Lined the roller, the stop is bent up to 90 degrees and should have
emphasis. The patient must be rotated and stacked in such positions every
2-3 hours.

Medical treatment of the patient depends on the lead
vascular disease. In hypertension it is necessary to maintain
Optimal pressure (reception of Kapoten, Norvska, Corintharma and others
hypotensive drugs). To improve cerebral blood flow
Vazoactive preparations are used (Eufillin, Sermion, Kaviton,
Vinpocetin and others.). In addition to these drugs, neurotrophic applies
Preparations (Semax, Nootropyl, and others.)

The appointment of medical treatment is made only by the patient's attending physician.

Further such patients need medical physical education, in massage
Affected limbs. When violating speech - in speech therapy classes.

The process of restoring the affected functions in patients undergoing
stroke may be very long. So be patient and
Merciful to them. Thoughtful, good care for them is just necessary.

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