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  • Childcare According to statistics, approximately every tenth child appears ahead of time. For medical standards, children born on a period of up to 37 weeks with weight of less than 2500 g are premature. How do these crumbs look, hurried to be born, and what attitude and care they require?

    Natural, physiological labor is given to premature children very hard. Therefore, if premature birth is inevitable, doctors often insist on caesarean sections. But sometimes the operation is already late, and then only labor remains naturally - in this case, the crumb is trying to take as careful as possible to avoid generic injury. After the birth of the baby examines neonatologist - for problems with breathing, weight, congenital anomalies or defects of development. If there is no need for children's resuscitation or intensive therapy, the premature child wrapped in sterile diapers and put in a special kuvez - from now on he will be his house.

    So, maternity hospital (perhaps with a children's resuscitation department) behind, and you with a precious convolution turned out to be at home. How to establish the right baby care?


    Breastfeeding is needed absolutely to all babies, but for premature children it becomes just vital. Feed on demand and even in the first pussy - the more often the better. Breast milk prevents a number of neurological problems, increases immunity. If the crumbs do not have strength to suck, milk can be stirred and produce from a spoon or from the nipple.

    Hygiene babies

    Children's diapers and dispensers need to be sterilized with an iron, bottles and nipples be sure to boil. Bathing the crumb is also better in warm boiled water - at least in the first 1-2 months. Nearby you can put the heater so that the baby does not have time to overcool during water procedures.

    Warm and caress mom

    Avoid sudden temperature drops. Try as much as possible pressing the baby to your own body - for him now the contact is very important «Leather skin». Imagine that you have a little Kengurenok, who lives on mom for many months. In the room where the child will dwell, there should be 22-23 degrees, avoid sharp temperature drops, drafts.

    Baby and easy massage is useful, however, if his birth weight was less than 1.5 kg, then the massage can be started not before six months. Massage sessions shorter than for ordinary children - start with 1-2 minutes of light stroke. If the crumb was born with weight more than 2 kg, then the massage can be started from 2-3 months, and movements gradually diversify - light rubbing, careful vibration, harness, kneading. Is important at this moment your positive attitude and affectionate appeal to the crumb.

    From the first days of the life of premature kids lay out on the tummy - it is also stimulation of physical and emotional development - while muscles of the back, limbs, abdomen are strengthened. Put the crumb on the tummy before feeding for two or three minutes, ranging from one to two times a day.

    Away excitement

    Premature children - always a reason for special anxiety and excitement, because they have been to do a huge restoration work in the first year of life. However, try not to panic, and as soon as possible to establish psychological contact with your baby.

    Often a premature child is the cause of serious complexes for his parents - and then an increased guardian appears, anxiety, the desire to pamper the baby, the unwillingness to let him go from himself. But keep in mind that with proper care and a properly selected course of rehabilitation, even deeply premature children are no longer different from their more prosperous peers.

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