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Olympic head healthThe victory of our country in the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi roared the interest of Russians to Sports. Active healthy lifestyle again becomes popular. But not all useful exercise. For example, suffering from varicose veins need to know how to properly distribute loads without harm to its own body.

Recently, fitness occupations have become very popular. There are no special contraindications to them, but lifting weights, as we know, negatively affects the vessels of the lower extremities. It is also not recommended to go to step aerobics. The fact is that veins, joints and spine during classes are experiencing stress steps. With a constant rise on the platform and the descent with it, the veins are experiencing fairly strong hydrodynamic loads. As a result — Varicosis, arthrosis, and in the preceding spinal pathology — osteochondrosis, progressing disc hernia and t.D. Therefore, people with a diagnosis of varicose veins are better suited for more comfortable types of training. For example, yoga, pilates. Consulted with a doctor, and if it allows, you can sign up for Aquaarobika. But the selection of exercises should carry out a competent instructor, because at different stages of the disease, the volume and intensity of the recommended loads differ. Main condition — Lack of severe, static load on legs. It is best to carry out the exercises lying or half a walk.

While still snow you can easily skate and ski. However, it all depends on the varicose stage. At the initial stage ride — Useful, but necessarily in a compression knitwear. When the varicose form is running, there is a risk of thrombosis. In this case, generally sharp movements are contraindicated, the thrombus can break away and rush to the heart. Also undesirable long run, especially those with overweight. At the time of landing on the leg, the vessels experience overload. In addition, undesirable jumps and associated sports. Calm walks for an hour of five days a week replace even regular training in the gym. The main thing — To walk to choose comfortable shoes.

In the summer it is useful to walk barefoot on the grass, on sandy or pebble shores. Recently, the bike has become popular. Indeed, on the one side of skiing, it improves the work of the muscular venous pump, which accelerates blood according to the vessels. But on the other — legs are below the pelvic level, t.E. position looks like standing. Therefore, riding a walk is best combining with a regular walk. Still, the most suitable and safe sport with a given disease is considered to be. Water creates uniform pressure on the body, which contributes to improved blood circulation. The load of its own weight is not felt in the water muscles work active, it stimulates the outflow of venous blood. Swelling fall, syndrome «Heavy feet» goes away.

Recommended during outdoor activities to use a special compression knitwear. Compression golf, stockings or tights contribute to the correct stream of blood and warn veins. Also, doctors are advised together with medicinal gymnastics to use drugs that dilute blood can improve blood circulation and even be some prevention of blood closures. Among them are Venotonics containing biophest lavonoids of plant origin — DIOSMIN AND GERSERIDIN, for example, Venarar.

Their main action — Restoration of the normal outflow of venous blood, which is necessary for removing edema and gravity in the legs. However, it is important for the patient to remember that drugs must be taken by courses, usually 2-3 months. But it is best to consult a doctor in advance with a phlebologist.

Olympic head health

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