Varicose treatment. How to choose a clinic?


Treatment of varicose veins. How to choose a clinic?First of all, the search begins among friends, but it does not always justify expectations. Next step — Search on the Internet on sites, according to reviews, discussions on forums. Often it is accompanied by increasing concerns to accept dubious solutions, especially when we see and hear many sentences and various reviews from all sides.

Often, when choosing a clinic, the factors that actually do not have much importance are taken into account, and important remains in the second plan.

Several tips on which you should pay attention when choosing a clinic.

  1. In the case of varicose disease, it is worth looking for no good doctor, but a good clinic. One doctor is simply physically unable to conduct effective treatment of varicose varicose independently and without appropriate equipment. Pay attention to the range of medical services offered by the clinic. If only sclerotherapy is used there or only one type of treatment, such as laser coagulation, it should alert. Varicose disease has a wide variety of clinical forms and manifestations and does not happen universal methods that help every time each case. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to specialized clinics, where all progressive treatment methods are practiced, carry out detailed diagnostics and there are modern equipment. Equally important experience and qualifications of specialists, this information can be pre-viewed on the clinics sites«.

  2. Must cause doubt Medical institutions where they promise big discounts, offer something «is free» or low prices. Large discounts and serious medicine are incompatible. The minimum cost of medical services may be due to the lack of real technological capabilities, outdated equipment and insufficient personnel professionalism. A clinic that works successfully for many years and values ​​its reputation, restrained in high-profile promises.

  3. Pay attention to Transparency and fullness of prices. Many are faced with such a situation where the low price is voiced by phone, but, in consequence, it grows at the expense of additional analyzes or surveys. Be sure to specify the final cost of treating at the reception before concluding a contract.

  4. You should also beware, «unique, unity of a kind» Treatment methods. In medicine among specialists, new ideas spread at the rate of thought, and if only one doctor or clinic owns this unique method, it means, just dubious. Doctors should always be a bit conservative and not risking the health of the patient — Safety above all.

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Varicose: there is a way out!

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