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  • Why is this happening
  • The psychological problem
  • If you have any suspicions

  • Why is this happening

    Why can notThe statistics do not give an accurate answer about the number ofmen who have erection problems, first of all, because the very notion of "erection problems" is too general. More specifically, it is necessary to talk about erectile dysfunction or impotence.

    Even a perfectly healthy man is not guaranteed100% success in such psihozavisimom process, as sexual intercourse. Occasionally problems with erection can occur in any person. The reasons may be very different here, for example, physiological - the excess alcohol, the side effects of medication, etc., or psychological - self-doubt, anger or stress.

    If erection problems occur frequently orhas become a nightmare of your life, then pay attention to their health, as the majority of erectile dysfunction is associated with the pathology of blood vessels.

    In some cases, the problem is not in the physiology of the organism, but rather in psychology. What we feel, we perceive and experience, and is reflected in the sexual function.

    The psychological problem

    Here are some signs that indicate a possible psychological problem:

    • The man is able to achieve an erection with a partner or masturbation, but not with others.
    • He is experiencing severe stress, such as divorce or job loss.
    • He already had depression or other mental disorders.
    • There are no physical ailments - diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels, hypertension and others.

    If you have any suspicions

    If you suspect that you somethingnot - do not panic. Maybe you just need to reconsider their attitude towards sex in general, to his partner in particular, and it may well be that small changes in your usual life will remove your problems.

    In most cases, erectiledysfunction of any degree is curable. However, do not attempt to engage in self - without knowing the exact cause of the problem or a complex of reasons, you run the risk of irreversibly worsen the situation.

    In order to understand what is happening to you,you must consult a qualified doctor-sexologist. If your problems are physiological in nature, the doctor will refer you for further examination by the urologist, andrologist, therapist, etc.

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