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  • Smell of foot

    What is this smell? Really from, uh... Your feet? No, no, of course not! It would be so uncomfortable... Probably it smells, uh... something other. Well, maybe a piece of cheese fell behind Sofu last month. Yes, that's what... Cheese... For sofoy. Broke there for some time.

    Well, the problem is solved. Now you don't even need to read these advice on experts on the smell. Now you can do something else.

    But at first, maybe you will still be able to wear your boots and listen to the following advice?

    Wash and often. Experts agree that maybe it is elementary, but the legs must be kept in immaculate cleanliness. With the help of warm soapy water, wash the legs as many times as you need - several times a day, if you sweat or felt the smell. Carefully spend a soft brush even between your fingers and definitely wipe dry.

    Causes of excessive feet

    Deodorizing fundsWant to believe, you want no, and Podiatribist, Dr. Neil Kramer from Bethlehema, Pennsylvania, says that sometimes legs sweat simply because they work more than they should. The defect of the structure (for example, flatfoot) or work, during which it is necessary to ride the whole day on the legs, maybe the main reason. Both strengthens the activities of the foot muscles, and the more your legs work, the more they sweat, trying to cool.

    Although sweaty legs do not necessarily smell, moisture opens access for bacteria that cause the smell.

    If you correct the initial problem with a supinator or other orthopedic device, you can actually reduce sweating. If the muscles do not have to work so much, they just don't heat so much.

    Sprinkle your fingers.
    After washing, apply Talc, corn starch or antifungal agent. A good way to keep the legs cool and dry is to process your shoes from the inside - to be filled with a talc or corn starch.

    Use the sweat tool. The means to reduce odor is a means of sweat or deodorant, which is applied directly to the feet. You can buy a deodorant for the legs or use the usual deodorant. But know: although all deodorants eliminate the smell, they do not stop sweating. Funds from sweat decide both problems immediately. Dr. Levin recommends preparations containing aluminum hexahydrate chloride.

    But do not use the sweat tool if you have active fungal leggings, because it will pinch. In addition, I advise you to use balls with balls, and not with a sprayer, for most of the opposite action disappears into the air. First use the means 2-3 times a day, and then gradually reduce up to 1 time per day.

    Change socks more often. Pediatric Director Glenn Cupulond, who practices in the Hospital of Women's College in Toronto, says that a logical approach to the fight against excessive sweating and fragile feet is a frequent change of socks, even 3-4 times a day. And always wear socks from natural fibers, such as cotton, because they are much better absorb moisture than synthetic fabrics.

    Wear 2 couples. You may, reduce foot sweating, if you wear two pairs of socks. At first glance, it turns out a contradiction, but the airspace between the two layers of matter actually provides cooling. Wear cotton socks closer to leather and top - woolen. Avoid synthetics, as it will only strengthen the sweating.

    Choose shoes with mind. Closed shoes enhances foot sweating and creates an excellent environment for the growth of bacteria, which leads to an amplification of smell and sweating. When you can, choose sandals or shoes with an open toe, but stay away from rubber and plastic shoes, which does not give my feet freely breathe. And never wear the same shoes 2 days in a row. In order for shoes to dry, it takes at least 24 hours.

    Treatment in a snow. Podiater Mark D.Susman recommends that the next night treatment so that the legs are dry: «Wash your feet thoroughly, wrap in them a little alcohol and cool. Then apply a stronger deodorant type to the bottom of each foot «Mitchuli». Then wrap both legs with plastic film (to cause sweating and make a deodorant better penetrate into the skin's skin). Tension over the film Tensioning the sock and so. In the morning, wash over the powder. Repeat every night during the week, then 1-2 times a week as needed».

    Baths for foot

    More often make foot bath. Various tools that can be added to the foot bath will help keep the legs dry, which will reduce the smell.

    Tea. Tanin, which is contained in tea bags, has a drying effect. Boil 3-4 tea bags in 1 liter of water about 10 minutes, then add enough cold water to be nice.

    Hold your feet in this bath 20-30 minutes, then wipe them dry and spray with a talc. Dr. Bikhova recommends doing this twice a day until the problem is solved. And then repeat twice a week so that the smell does not return.

    Kosher salt.
    For especially sweating legs, Dr. Levin recommends a solution with a solution: 1/2 cup of kosher salt, which is rougher than the usual dining room salt, 1 liter of water.

    Acetate Aluminum. «Try to keep your feet 1-2 times a day in a solution of aluminum acetate in cool water, which has dried properties, - Offers Dr. Hass. - Divide in 0.5 liters of water or 1 package powder package, or 2 tablespoons of the Burov solution and hold the legs in it 10-20 minutes».

    Bicarbonate of soda. From it the surface of the foot is made more acidic, and thus the smell will decrease. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of food soda in 1 liter of water: make the baths 2 times a week for 15 minutes.

    Vinegar. Another acidic bath for the legs recommends Dr. Levin. 1/2 cup of vinegar per 1 liter of water; Keep your feet for 15 minutes 2 times a week.

    Water: hot-cold. Dr. Levin advises contrasting foot baths. This procedure reduces blood flow to feet and reduces sweating. Then make yourself a third bath, from ice cubes and lemon juice. Finally, wrap in the feet of alcohol to cool and dry them. In hot weather when the legs sweat greatly, you can do it every day. Warning: patients with diabetes and face with disturbed blood circulation should not carry out such treatment.

    Shata Council. Europeans sometimes be delivered in the shoes of the Grass Sage to muffle the smell. Perhaps some of these dry unwound leaves will help you.

    Try inserts. Some inserts for shoes, for example «Johnson smell erases», contain activated carbon, which absorbs moisture and helps to destroy the smell. These products helped some of his patients.

    Keep calm. Sweet glands in your footsteps, like the fact that they are located in armpits and on the palms, react to emotions. Stress, bad or good, can provoke excessive sweating. And this in turn can strengthen the activity of bacteria in your boots, causing an additional smell. Try not to be plenty.

    Make sure that you eat. When you eat sharp, piquant food, such as onions, pepper or garlic, the fragrance of these products can stand out through sweat glands on the legs. Yes, yes, everything can end the fact that your feet will smell like your lunch!.

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