Mastopatia. Simply warn


Mastopatia. Simply warnMastopatia - a disease that occursalmost every middle-aged women. Most women get used to this disease, suffering constant pain and discomfort in the breast.

Unfortunately, this "patience" may endpitiable. Breast cancer is 3-5 times more likely to occur against the background of mastitis, so continue to be at risk and think that everything will go by itself - not the best solution to the problem. Therefore, prevention and treatment of mastitis is also the prevention of breast cancer.

Female body normally lives in accordance with precise biological rhythm: daily, monthly, annual and life.

Fluctuations in hormones - estrogen and progesterone - cause the onset and duration of menstruation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation.

Mastopatia. Simply warnMastopatia is fibrocysticbreast disease, which is caused by disruption of the hormonal and nervous systems of women. Though the disease is characterized mainly for middle-aged women, but now more and more often occurs in very young girls.

Stress, neurosis and depression disruptsthe whole body, causing a breach of the hormonal regulation of the internal organs. Irregular sexual activity, abstinence or frequent change of partner are also stressful for the woman's body. And the first to react to it, of course, the breast.

Expose themselves to higher risk of developingmastitis and women who drop out early to breastfeed the child. When breastfeeding breaks sharply - developed hormonal stress. Any dangerous effects: accidental compression or stroke the breasts in public transport, chest injury during a workout, wearing tight, constrictive underwear.

You can inspect the house at the chestBSE or at a reception at the gynecologist, mammalogy. Repeating this study each month, you will soon get used to and be able to feel the slightest deviation from the normal condition of the breast. At the same time, suspecting something was wrong, you can manage to diagnose the disease at an early stage.

Many women find in their breast, are afraid to go to the doctor and do not realize that modern medicine offers a wide range of medical treatment, including non-hormonal.

Mastopatia. Simply warnMost likely, after the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes the patient with mastopathy drugs that can completely eliminate the disease and all the discomfort associated with it.

Pharmacies presented similar means,for example, new safe non-hormonal means Indinol. It is unique in that, first of all, eliminates the cause of the disease itself, and then its symptoms. Indinol designed by a team of physicians and scientists of the Research Institute of Molecular Medicine at the Moscow Medical Academy (MMA) Sechenov and the All-Russian Scientific Center of Molecular Diagnostics and Therapy (VNTSMDL).

Mastopatia treated! And it should be known to every woman. At the first sign of the disease, of course, you need to see a doctor. As well as to monitor their health on their own, with your body as much attention as the beloved child, family, work. Remember, breast - it is not a death sentence!

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