How to increase the pressure?


How to increase the pressureProblems with the blood pressure can be foundboth the elderly and young people. "Hypertensive" and "gipotoniki" often argue about which one of them "easier to live," but to give a precise answer to this question is not so simple. Perhaps due to the fact that people with high blood pressure ( "high blood pressure") in the future may have more problems with the cardiovascular system, it has received increased attention. On the other hand, people with low blood pressure ( "gipotonikam") also have to complain: low blood pressure with age can lead to ischemic stroke, and in his younger years just spoils the life and prevents work.

Faced with low blood pressure should beremember that hypotension may be a separate disease or a symptom, depending on the treatment that will be built. As a rule, people-gipotoniki not tolerate the cold and the heat, get tired quickly (often feel tired in the morning), for they are also characterized by drowsiness and nervousness. In short, low blood pressure due to malnutrition oxygen to all body systems degrades the quality of human life. But do not worry, this disease can be defeated if a lot of patience. In this case, some drugs will not help: in the fight against hypotension have much to adjust your lifestyle.

How to increase low blood pressure

reduced pressure treatment can be madepleasant, then the disease will be easier to carry and bring good feelings, that's good. To improve the blood microcirculation and vascular tone at low pressure well help such physiotherapy, massage, magnetic therapy, oxygen cocktails or cryotherapy. Useful exercise (physical therapy), but it is important to remember the feeling of action and rules of their alternation with rest, so as not to hurt yourself. Regarding the Exercise for lazy people to stay at least for the exercise with carpal expander (it can be easily replaced by a tennis ball) during exercise should cross my legs. Also, when dealing with low pressure helps contrast shower and a walk in the fresh air.

Question Sleep is very important for hypotensive,because of great importance for the health of any person has a sufficient number of hours of sleep, but it has to be overweight (more than 8 hours) to hypotensive patients. The room should be aired before bedtime.

What increases the pressure

What increases the pressureWith regard to drugs in the treatment of hypotensionIt performed well with drugs stimulating effect on the basis of caffeine and plant (tincture of Siberian Ginseng, Hawthorn, ginseng). In emergency situations (for example, a sudden decrease in pressure, intensive care, etc.) in hospitals, doctors use steroids, colloids, adrenaline and dopamine.

Of the available tools are widely used and coffeesweet tea, but we must remember that there must not overdo it, as, for example, coffee can also trigger low blood pressure. Do not forget that it is worth to consult a cardiologist to choose the right treatment, as there are individual characteristics of the organism.

Tips under increased pressure:

  • follow the daily routine;
  • devote sufficient time sleep;
  • physical therapy (massage and other procedures);
  • physical therapy;
  • medical treatment;
  • glucocorticosteroids, colloids, adrenaline and dopamine in emergency conditions;
  • visit to a cardiologist (neurologist) for correction and observation.

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