Explanation ACE and hCG assays


Analysis of estriol during pregnancy - decoding results

Explanation ACE and hCG assays

Estriol - the female sex hormone steroid nature, synthesized by the placenta. His blood levels of pregnancy is minimal. But after the formation of the placenta its level increases sharply.

Estriol during pregnancy carries a number of important functions:

  • regulation of blood flow in the uterus;
  • stimulation and glandular epithelial cells of the mammary glands;
  • maintenance of pregnancy;
  • initiation of the onset of labor.

free estriol levels during pregnancy are diagnostic features of a number of pathologies and conditions.

Units in assays - nmol / L or ng / ml.

The norm of free estriol during pregnancy:

  • 14-15 Week - 0,45-3,5 nmol / L;
  • 22th week - 4,5-13 nmol / L;
  • 30-week - 8-30 nmol / L;
  • 40th Week - 25-42 nmol / L.

A sharp drop in estriol levels after 40 weeks of initiating the start of labor.

Raising - a sign of a number of pathologies and conditions:

  • multiple pregnancy;
  • Fetus liver;
  • the large size of the fruit.

Reduced levels of estriol less than the reference value - a likely indication of the following pathologies:

  • threatening spontaneous abortion;
  • the risk of premature birth;
  • fetoplacental insufficiency;
  • anencephaly of the fetus;
  • chromosomal disorders - Down syndrome, Edwards;
  • fetal abnormalities;
  • intrauterine infection;
  • hypoplasia of the fetal adrenal gland.

Test results are not a diagnosis and require testing and other methods under the supervision of a physician.

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