Walking in a snow. Lunatism in adults and children


  • What is Lunaticism?
  • Sleepwalking — Causes in reality
  • What makes mentally healthy people walk in a dream?
  • What is the danger of Lunatism?
  • How to deal with moonatism?

  • They talked about them long before the writing appeared, Human Solva spread many mysterious and even terrible stories about how they wander in a dream. They were accused of obsession, witchcraft and black magic, during the saint inquisition, they were treated, hung and burned on fires, but they did not become less. Who are they — Lunatism people? Causes of such a strange phenomenon and rules «Communication» With Lunatic, we will discuss in this article.

    What is Lunaticism?

    Walking in a dream. Lunatism in adults and childrenSleepwalking — This is an outdated name of somnambulism, a painful state in which a person goes or performs other unconscious actions in a state of sleep. From the side of the Lunatics look quite adequate, but in fact they are not connected with reality, they are due to the fact that at the moment a person sees in a dream.

    Most often, cases of lunatism occur 1-2 hours after falling asleep, characterized by incomplete awakening during the exit of the deep phase of slow sleep. That is, in essence, going to his «Night journey», Lunatic continues half to sleep and does not realize everything that happens to him. His eyes are open, but the face is indifferent, although he may well answer simple questions, ask them, bypass the obstacles, to shift various items to the place, open-to close the door, however, unlike the sane person, I don't remember anything in the morning. There have been cases when «Night Walking» sat down behind the wheel of the car and began to move, talked to unfamiliar foreign languages, hitting these households.

    Sleepwalking — Causes in reality

    Name of the phenomenon «sleepwalking» happened from the Latin word «lunaticus» — Mad and Luna — moon. Theories of the origin of strange people wandering in a dream, for a long time were based on knowledge about the influence of the night shone on the psyche of man.

    It was believed that women suffer more often suffer from Lunatism, it felt in the medieval concept of evil, because women were watched witches and sorcerers, men were more often attributed to men. Over time, it was found that Lunatism is not purely female «Privilege», he is equally susceptible to both sexes. True, even modern scientists recognize that the moon has a greater impact on women than on men.

    The moon is responsible for many phenomena on Earth, for example, behind tides and flows, so it is not necessary to discount its influence. Astrologers believe that the maximum action on a person she has during his approach to Earth, that is, at the point of full moon and perige. According to statistics, at this time, Lunatic is most often «Depart in Path».

    Somnambulism in one way or another about 2% of people on Earth suffer. Children's Lunatism is much more common than Lunaticism in adults. As they grow up, it usually passes, but in some cases a person continues to walk all his life in a dream.

    From the point of view of medicine, the cause of Lunatism in adults in most cases is the strongest stress, accompanied by the existence of a focus of stagnant excitement in the cerebral cortex. At the same time, a person remains mentally healthy.

    Sometimes adult and children's lunatism can be a symptom of epilepsy and other brain diseases. If the sitting began at a fully conscious age, you need to beat the alarm and consult a doctor for examination.

    Most recently there were information that scientists discovered the Lunatism gene, «Forcing» people wander at night. In their opinion, this gene is responsible for the development of somnambulism in 10% of children and every 50th adult. Parents who have this gene, in 50% of cases award them with their child, but not everyone develops Lunaticism, it is necessary to have a negative external factors.

    What makes mentally healthy people walk in a dream?

    What makes mentally healthy people walk in a dream?Cash in sleep provoke:

    • chronic lack of sleep;
    • the absence of a clear mode of sleep and wakefulness;
    • alcohol intake;
    • chronic fatigue and stress;
    • intake of sleeping pills and sedatives, neuroleptics, antihistamine;
    • Abuse of nervous activity stimulants (coffee, energy drinks).

    The episodes of moonatism can be associated with the following states:

    • violation of cardiac activity, in particular, arrhythmia;
    • heat;
    • Gastroesophageal reflux and associated heartburn;
    • bouts of bronchial asthma;
    • epileptic seizures;
    • snoring with attacks apnea in a dream.
    • Sometimes Lunatism is associated with mental illness, for example, with panic attacks, split personality, post-traumatic disorders.

    What is the danger of Lunatism?

    First of all, walking in a dream can be dangerous for the Lunatic. Since part of the brain is sleeping, tactile and pain can be broken, and therefore the likelihood of physical injury to varying. There are cases when Lunatics mistaken «Out out» In the window, accepting it outside the door, or cause imbios by sharp objects.

    There is a so-called aggressive form of Lunatism, which characterizes the possibility of violence against people trying to wake up «Walking» or just getting on his way.

    How to deal with moonatism?

    • Abandon any mental stimulants before bedtime (movies, books, loud music).
    • Organize a full sleep and day rest, remove away from the bed all the cutting and stitching objects.
    • If possible, sleep on the first floor.
    • Before bedtime, close all the doors and maintain windows.
    • Raise stress resistance, learn to relax, will not be absolutely psychotherapeutic sessions.

    The fight against lunatism includes the treatment of diseases associated with it. Special drug preparations are prescribed only if the Lunatic is dangerous for others and itself, and other treatment methods do not help. Medicase treatment includes the purpose of tranquilizers, antidepressants, hypnotherapy.

    For those who suffer from Lunatism a close person, it is worth noting that the emergence of sitting attacks does not depend on whether Lunatic will sleep in the room one or another person. Becoming a witness «Night Travel», Do not think to wake the Lunatic sharply, it's better just talk to a calmly quiet voice and transmit to bed.

    Ancient philosophers believed that together with Lunatism, the Lord grants a person other unique abilities. There are evidence that some Lunatics have talents rarely encountered among ordinary people. It is possible that somnambulism is really given over, we just know too little about him, but what is not good, always scarets.

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