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  • Not only the people - a social being. This property is also characteristic of some small parasites. For example, the body louse, who willingly change their place of residence, crawling with clothes, bed linen in search of food - human blood.

    Creature small and nimble

    The symptoms of the so-called wardrobe liceoften found after a business trip, business or leisure, carefree summer vacation. Infection can occur anywhere - on the train, taxi, train station, hotel, public bath or swimming pool, shop and other places with large concentrations of people.

    "Attack" body lice. Having survived all the cataclysms in world history, the parasites have developed excellent Opportunistic quality: in the external environment may be more than 2 days, is not afraid of water and are good swimmers. Once in a favorable environment, they begin to multiply and exponentially, which is characteristic of almost all insects.

    Every day, the females lay their eggs (nits)attaching them to the villae of clothing using adhesive. After 8-10 days, the larvae are formed, new adults that are still 10-15 days as an active breed and develop "new territory": the skin (it helps to disguise the folds underwear and bed linen, clothing seams, belts, cuffs , collar, stockings, buckles hole).

    Getting rid of lice

    Lice "Factory" is not as easy asheadaches. They are more "picky": body lice "like" unsanitary conditions. Nits stick and glued to the folds of fabrics and fibers, there eggs are derived by heating the host body. But it is not necessary that any person regularly change clothes, do not be concerned about the body louse. - This trouble can happen with almost every person.

    Scientists say that lice are accompanied by a person withprimitive times. Where there are cozy and comfortable for people, be sure to "perekochuyut" lice - such is the "character" in the parasites. Features of behavior lice studied the length and breadth:
    • insects prefer to hide in the folds of clothing made of cotton and do not like slippery silk fabrics;
    • Lice are not indifferent to the pleasant fragrances (eg, to a good perfume), but, according to some sources, can not tolerate fragrances tansy, euphorbia, ferns;
    • the source of infection can be a common bed linen, towels, which is why, under any circumstances, you should not use other people's things for personal hygiene.

    How to get rid of liceWhen the disease wardrobe head lice, you need toa good wash in hot soapy shower and disinfect linen, garments, bed sheets and the room in which you reside. To carry out the last action should be using insecticides, which are held disinfestation linen, clothing and bed. Underwear and bed linen can be soaked in the emulsion. Requires 0.15% aqueous emulsion of malathion, which produced 3 g to 50 g of 5% or 30% emulsifiable concentrate malathion and 1 liter of water at room temperature.

    Suitable and 20% aqueous soap-kerosene emulsionor pyrethrum powder. You should know that when a set of disinfestation undergarments must be 2.5 liters of emulsion, and in the case of bed linen is required 4-4.5 liters. When the aqueous emulsion of withstanding the solution should be 20-30 min, and at sulfidofose - 5.10 min. To be able to set outerwear need 350 ml, and for bed linen - 400 ml.

    Use the above items onlyafter pre-drying and airing on the street. If you are going to destroy vermin powder, you will need 25 grams of dust metilatsetofosa a set of underwear, 30-55 g of pyrethrum. And one set of bed linen - 40 g dust metilatsetofosa, 60 g pyrethrum; One set of outer clothing - 40 g dust metilatsetofosa, 105 g of pyrethrum.

    After carrying out these procedures, all necessarypacked in a bag, then after 2-3 hours dust from items to be removed, and the things you need to hang out on the street for ventilation, in order to eliminate peculiar smell.

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