Explanation microflora analysis by smear


Smear on the flora in women and its interpretation

Explanation microflora analysis by smear

Smear on the flora of the female genital tract is taken for suspected various bacterial, parasitic or fungal infections:

  • bacterial vaginosis;
  • gonorrhea;
  • chlamydia;
  • candidiasis;
  • trichomoniasis.

The requirements to be followed prior to taking the material:

  • cessation of sexual activity for two days before delivery of the analysis;
  • termination of the use of vaginal suppositories, tablets, creams;
  • prohibited douching and baths;
  • For smear intermenstrual period;
  • on the date of smear only mild soap can wash the genitals.

Deciphering the vaginal smear on the flora

Taken material stained with Gram, and then examined under a microscope. In the study draw attention to the following indicators:

White blood cells. Present in normal and pathological conditions. The normal amount of three to five units in the field of view. Excess indicates the presence of inflammation in the vagina, and the more white blood cells, the more intense a painful process.

. Normally, there is always the vagina in moderation. Increasing its content indicates the presence of inflammation.

. The cells lining the vagina inside. Normally, always present in the smear in moderation (up to 15 in the field of view). However, when inflammation increases their number. The absence of the epithelium indicates the presence of hormonal imbalance or atrophy of the vaginal mucosa.

. Normally there is a small vaginathe number of cocci and many Doderlein sticks. With the development of infections detected an increase in the number of cocci in a smear detected infectious agents - Trichomonas, gonococci, candida, etc.

Focus on the analysis of the swab on the vaginal microflora may prescribe gynecologist or dermatologist.

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