Gravitational Blood Surgery


  • Waste - to withdraw
  • "Washing" blood
  • "Tuning" of blood

  • Ads like "blood cleansing" can be foundin medical institutions at all levels and profiles or the Internet, as well as in their own mailbox. What is this mysterious phrase, more like a magic spell, than the name of the medical procedure.

    Waste - to withdraw

    There are plenty of extracorporeal, meaning "outsideorganismic "therapies. The most popular of these three groups: hemosorbtion, plasmapheresis and hemocorrection - in order of increasing complexity and thus efficiency.

    Gravitational Blood Surgery  Hemosorption When a patient is taken from a veinblood, passed through a filter and then to introduce the purified blood back into the patient. This method is based on the fact that many of the harmful substances contained in the blood remain on the sorbent, which usually is activated carbon. Obviously, activated carbon and other similar sorbents not understand exactly what substances absorb. Therefore, according to Professor Vadim Kreines, chief physician of the Clinic of gravitational blood surgery, today all over the world, doctors use this method rarely, "Normal hemosorbtion very crude method, which has many side effects and, moreover, ineffective in comparison with other methods." In our country, however, hemosorbtion widely used in many private centers and public clinics.

    There is, however, a more modern versionhemosorption, much more efficient and less harmful - it immunosorbtsii. The principle here is the same, only used as a filter column immunosorbenom, which binds only a single specific substance to be removed from the blood. This method has a very high specificity, and therefore the blood is returned to the original form, it is not only certain harmful factor. The most widely used method for the treatment of atherosclerosis. It is known that the main cause of this disease is an increased level of cholesterol in the blood and complex systems - "low density lipoproteins" (LDL). Obviously, to combat atherosclerosis is first necessary to reduce the level of these substances in the blood. Use of drugs is not always possible and, moreover, they have a number of side effects. Therefore, the most effective and popular around the world by cleaning the blood of excess cholesterol and LDL is just immunosorbtsii. In Russia, this method is used, for example, the Institute kardologii them. AL Myasnikov, the Central Clinical Hospital, but this method is widely used in Russia is impossible. Nikolai Kalinin, professor, head of department of extracorporeal blood purification Hematology Research Center: "The problem is that not every patient can afford. The main tool - a column for immunosorbtsii - worth about $ 3 thousand in Russia, while at the national procedure, each patient needs two such columns.. And although they can be used more than once, their shelf life is no more than two years. " By the way, in the West, this procedure is much more expensive: the price of the column there is $ 15 thousand, and use them several times there is not accepted..

    "Washing" blood

    Another, much more popular wayexposure to blood - therapeutic plasmapheresis. In the first approximation, this process is as follows: the patient's blood is separated into cells and plasma, and then the cells are returned to the blood and saline injected enriched necessary instead remote plasma proteins. During the next week all of the components of the plasma are reduced again. Thus a different amount may be removed by plasma.

    Gravitational Blood Surgery  Actually therapeutic effect is based on the fact thattogether with the plasma from the body removes harmful factors, but the body does not experience serious losses because cell mass is fully refundable. Many experts believe this method is universal. However, as is the case with hemosorption, some experts, guided by the principle of "not more than" strongly recommend plamaferez all people as a preventive cleansing the body. The idea of ​​the supporters of this approach is simple: because the body of modern man a thousand poisonous substances fall every day, natural protection system can not cope with the flow, and therefore the body must be "clean". However, this idea is highly questionable for several reasons. Firstly, plasmapheresis - a radical intervention, and without apparent reason, it, like any other surgery, there should be. Furthermore, it is evident that many compounds do not accumulate in the blood and in tissues and organs, and even the total "blood washing" does not contribute to purification. And finally, thirdly, most diseases occur at a very complex mechanism, and purify the blood stream by the method of "Augean stables", at least, useless.

    The cost of these procedures, depending on thetechnology and equipment used, varies widely. One procedure is simple gravitational plasmapheresis using a centrifuge, it is worth, on average, about 1 thousand. Rubles. This procedure is done partly by hand, so no risk of human error. Simply put, an inattentive assistant can observe the technology or, God forbid, your bag to mix the blood with someone else. At all stages of the hardware technology plasmapheresis carried out automatically, using sterile equipment. But the cost of such a procedure significantly higher, on average, from 2 thousand. Rubles to $ 250.

    "Tuning" of blood

    In fact, a progressive Western medicineAll the above methods are not used as often. Western doctors have concluded that simply removing these or other blood components does not always make sense. Like we said, many systemic and chronic diseases at all using these methods to heal, to put it mildly, is not effective. Meanwhile, to date, we developed a lot of manipulation of the blood, which change its properties.

    For example, when the patient's blood photomodificationirradiated with ultraviolet or laser radiation. Another technology - cryoprecipitation - based on the property of certain blood proteins to precipitate at low temperatures. That is, the plasma obtained by the conventional plasmapheresis, cooled, pathological its components are precipitated, after which the purified plasma is returned to the modified bloodstream. Contact treatment - thermal precipitation - was developed in the center of gravitational blood surgery and, according to its creators, is effective, for example, in the fight against stroke.

    As practice shows, also termopretsipitatsiyaIt is very effective for patients with acute myocardial infarction. When occlusion of the vessel of the heart muscle, which he feeds, dies. This in itself is not dangerous, but the destruction of these cells produce a disastrous effect on the surrounding tissue, resulting in myocardial area grows many times. Therefore the main task - to limit the proliferation of myocardial area. This can be done if, immediately after the formation of myocardial blood removed from the cellular debris. It is known that a heart attack is not dangerous in itself, but its complications - cardiac disorders and re-infarction. The precipitation is based on thermal property of some pathological proteins to precipitate at high temperatures. Therefore, we heat the patient's blood plasma to 400-560 degrees Celsius, remove from it fell "malicious" proteins.

    Another trend in modern hemocorrection -extracorporeal drug therapy. Its meaning is that the drug not only enters the body, and left directly on the surface or inside blood cells. According to Professor Kreines: "The drug medication can be contained in the blood cells. Other blood cells take different medicines. For example, it is known that white blood cells - white blood cells are able to absorb different molecules, when given stimulus. We distinguish white blood cells, stimulating them, and then add a drug that white blood cells and absorb. With this method the minimum concentration of the drug as possible accumulates exactly where they are needed. "

    As apologists claim extracorporealhemocorrection, these methods are much more effective than drug therapy. Therefore, the main indication for these are complex systemic disease which responds poorly to conservative therapy. However, from the point of view of modern evidence-based medicine, these, as well as any other efferent methods are not checked. But check the effectiveness of the objective of these methods is almost impossible, because it requires sophisticated technical resources and qualified personnel. Since the cost of one of such treatments can reach $ 1 thousand. Obvious that extensive studies on the subject can not be carried.

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