Cleansing the body for a couple of hours


  • Plasmapheresis

  • Plasmapheresis

    The procedure for blood purification - plasmapheresisIt is a manipulation in which the body removes the liquid part of blood (plasma) containing pathological agents, toxins, toxins, bacteria and viruses that cause or promote the emergence of various diseases, as well as resulting from existing diseases.

    Indications for the plasmapheresis to expandthe development of medicine, her ideas about the causes of disease. Using the procedure of plasmapheresis is cleansed not only blood, but also of all tissues, and lately even internal organs and skin cells. There is a "rejuvenation" of the organism as a whole.

    The list of clinical entities in which shows the use of plasmapheresis:

    • Gastrointestinal disease
    • Gynecological problems
    • Allergic diseases
    • Alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse
    • Septic complications in surgery, endotoxemia
    • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
    • other

    Cleansing the body for a couple of hoursThe procedure takes place in a separate room under themedical supervision Anaesthetist and nurses. The patient throughout the procedure, which takes 1.5-2 hours, lying on the bed. Plasmapheresis begins with the puncture of peripheral veins, into which the catheter is made of polyurethane. In the process of plasmapheresis occurs blood sample from a vein of the patient device, its further passage through plasmaphairesis, which is a division of blood corpuscles and plasma. Next, plasma is collected in a separate container, and all blood cells are returned to the patient via the same catheter into the vein. During one session of plasmapheresis fence made of 25% of the total volume of circulating plasma (600-700ml). Thus, for the purification of the whole blood in the body necessary to conduct at least 4 sessions of plasmapheresis.

    At the end of the procedure reversesremote plasma volume of sterile saline. After the procedure, the catheter is removed from the vein and impose aseptic bandage on the site of venipuncture.

    The time interval between sessions of plasmapheresismust be at least two days (48 hours). During this time, the body restores the lost plasma volume. During this period, the patient may feel a slight general weakness. In order to help the body recover faster remote plasma volume, it recommended fluid intake of at least 1.5 liters per day, as well as the inclusion in the diet of foods rich in protein (fish, cheese, chicken broth, etc.).

    The network of male and female health clinicsEvroMedKlinik offers to undergo a blood purification procedure. All procedures are performed by physicians with extensive clinical experience. It applies only single-use equipment that eliminates the risk of infection and transmission of bloodborne infections.

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