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  • Without iron - anywhere

    How to become an Iron LadyThe role of iron in our body is verysignificant. This element is part of hemoglobin, carries oxygen to every cell in our body. hemoglobin level depends on the amount of iron supplied in the diet. Hemoglobin carries oxygen from the respiratory organs to tissues. If you do not have enough iron, hemoglobin decreased, organs are not getting enough oxygen, which will inevitably impact on health.

    According to some medical research,Iron deficiency anemia among Russian women is diagnosed in 90% of cases! There are several main reasons for this state of affairs. Firstly, women lose large amounts of iron during pregnancy. Secondly, the fair sex are inclined to watch her figure, resorting to diets that are not always harmless to health, which increases the risk of reducing iron stores in the body. And thirdly, the hemoglobin level falls due to blood loss during the critical days.

    And if every Russian woman experiencing pregnancyonce or twice in my life, and permanent "sitting" on a diet, fortunately, rather an exception to the rule, the critical days - a regular phenomenon. So, every month for a few days we lose iron, getting anemia.

    In pursuit of the norm

    Iron is absorbed only in one place, in the smallintestine, where food is removed from only about 10% of the total content therein. Our daily requirement for iron is 10-20 mg. It would seem a small amount. But do not hurry to rejoice because these milligrams very difficult to obtain and digest.

    Even if you eat in one day pyatigrammovyiron nail (which is 500 times greater than the needs of the body), it will not help. The iron should be in the form available for absorption. Helping him in this form to pass a special substance of our gastric juices. However, it is only the stomach sick, like the absorption of iron broken. In the critical days of low hemoglobin - a common phenomenon, because even the healthy gut can not always keep up with our need for new hardware.

    That and so there is the most common ofAll of anemia - iron deficiency (anemia literally means "without blood" and involves a reduced level of hemoglobin in the blood, or anemia). Symptoms of anemia are varied: fatigue, dizziness, in serious cases - a high heart rate, low blood pressure, severe weakness. This condition leads to apathy, to a sharp reduction in health and mental activity, even when there is no desire to think about himself and his career. And if you have planned a serious and important business meeting? There is only one: to remain an "iron lady" - you need to increase the hemoglobin, increasing the amount of iron entering the body.

    Normally, all necessary for the body's ironIt must come from food. However, there is one condition: you need to eat full, but this is just what a big problem. Frantic pace of modern life, increased stress, chronic fatigue, as a rule, do not leave forces on the home cooking classes. Come home quick meal and collapse on the sofa - that's the dream that most of us live all day. Where here to take power for sorcery over the stove or fitness classes?

    And the food industry and consumer industrytechniques try to meet us halfway. Our services microwaves and infrared ovens, and the mass of a wide variety of beautifully packaged semi-finished products and by-products, which are for human consumption should be just warm. As a result, this kitchen has nothing different from the fast fudovskoy eatery.

    Not only is the nutritional value of such foodmore than questionable, but the uniformity of this diet leads to weight problems on the part of the stomach, which only exacerbates the situation. Maybe even one day, and only at the weekend and even more so, it's worth to spend more time in the kitchen? Then it will be useful to know what kind of product the iron content is high enough.

    Where to look for iron

    How to become an Iron LadyA lot of iron powder cocoa - 14.8 mg100 g of product. The filbert it smaller, but still enough - 3 mg/100 of iron-rich beans, meat, pork and beef liver, soy, peas, fresh white mushrooms, parsley, buckwheat and oat cereals, wheat and rye grain bread, raisins. As you can see, the fruit in this list are practically absent, which is not surprising. Even in apples, traditionally offered as a source of iron, it is contained in a dose of only 2.2 mg / 100 g Incidentally, the import of iron and apples can be even less - only about 0.2 mg / 100 g

    In the critical days should see to it that weWe eat carefully. If during this period you still stick to your diet for weight loss - and most of them are based on rather poor iron foods such as cottage cheese, yogurt, salad, fruit juices - the likelihood of iron deficiency anemia increases. Attempts to restrict your diet by reducing calories may also result in loss of strength and all the other above-mentioned problems.

    How to increase hemoglobin?

    The most interesting thing is that even the use of a largethe amount of iron-rich foods, is not yet salvation. We must also take into account the quality of the incoming iron food. Some of its compounds are absorbed better than others. Additionally, different food products and digestible components in various combinations. For example, the use of proteins significantly increases the absorption of iron from food.

    Therefore it is necessary for the prevention and treatment of anemiaregularly - and especially in the critical days - eat lean meat, best veal. Garnish to it can serve meals of cereals and vegetables. Good to eat iron-rich legumes: beans and peas - good sources of iron include them in the diet. If you eat them with low-fat meat, it also contributes to a better absorption of iron. Other iron-rich foods - liver, eggs, beets, spinach.

    Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron,especially as contained in vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts. If together with them you will drink a glass of orange juice, the amount of iron absorption may increase more than 2 times.

    But foods rich in calcium, preventthe absorption of iron. Therefore, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt is better to eat separately from other food. Tea and coffee is contraindicated in cases of anemia: tannin and caffeine contained in these drinks, bind iron, preventing it absorbed.

    But life is such that it is not always possiblecope with the iron deficiency is only with the help of a balanced diet. What to do in this case? There are a number of drugs that represent various compounds of iron - iron chloride, iron sulfate, iron gluconate etc. However, in some cases, their administration may be effective. For example, if you have gastritis with low acidity.

    How to become an Iron LadyThe point here is that the absorbable form of ironis ferrous chloride, but go into this shape, it may just only in the presence of hydrochloric acid. Remember this, and if you suffer from this disease, you should take iron supplements at the same time pharmacy hydrochloric acid (10 drops to a glass of water).

    Milk and alkaline mineral water, hydrochloricacid is neutralized, so if they drink iron preparations, it means to reduce their effectiveness to zero. However, there are materials that would otherwise contribute to the absorption of iron - cobalt, succinic acid and ascorbic acid. So it makes sense to take iron supplements at the same time askorbinku.

    However, in cases of suspected any diseasethe gastrointestinal tract is best not to self-medicate and consult a specialist, who will choose the right diet for anemia and prescribe the best treatment.

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