How to help a patient with hemophilia


    The hemophilia can help themselves

    Hemophilia is a lifelong disease, andpatient permanently dependent on the availability of blood products containing it desired factor, when the bleeding starts. However, in modern conditions the patient can schedule a relatively normal lifestyle, profession, family life.

    How to help a patient with hemophiliaYou can do much to help themselves, to your children and those who care for you.

    • Learn as much as possible about hemophilia and how it is possible to live.
    • Begin treatment at the early stages of bleeding and remember when required emergency care and hospitalization.
    • Find a doctor who will be able to watch you for a long time, coordinate your treatment and consult with experts from haemophilia centers if required.
    • Take care of the safety of all the records in the history ofyour illness, including notes about when and how much you injected factor. This will be useful if you have to replace your doctor or go to a new specialist.
    • Monitor your physical condition, permanently and during visits to the dentist.
    • Avoid situations that may cause bleeding.
    • Study Genetics issues related to hemophilia and the transmission of the disease to future generations.
    • Enter Company soon hemophiliacs. This will help you organize your links with other families who have hemophilia, and you will be able to support each other and share information. If such a society is not in your area, consider creating a local association of hemophiliacs.
    • Take part in activities to enhance the donation. They literally give the blood of your life.

    What can help a person suffering from hemophilia

    Hemophilia - a disease that continues throughoutlife, and now it can not be cured completely. However, now that is developing a system of comprehensive care for patients with hemophilia and possibly providing drugs containing missing in this disease of blood clotting factors for hemophiliacs it becomes possible even with severe diseases to restrain bleeding.

    When there is bleeding in the joints and muscles,and before and after surgical interventions and tooth extractions, it is necessary to treat blood products. The treatment may also be necessary with hemorrhages in other tissues, as well as after accidents and injuries.

    First aid for hemorrhage

    How to help a patient with hemophiliaConventional techniques are applied first aid to the patient with hemophilia as well as the affected person to another.

    Some minor bleeding may bestopped at home and without consultation with a physician. You must have on hand a supply of sterile bandages and gauze bandages, plasters sets, elastic holders dressings, ice, etc.

    For minor cuts, abrasions, nosebleeding is necessary to provide pressure on the affected area. Ice is always necessary, as cold constricts blood vessels and bleeding reduces the amount of bleeding. If you use ice, do not apply it directly to the skin, and wrap in a damp cloth, so as not to damage the skin.

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