If a sore throat has a stranglehold


  • Who is guilty?
  • What is it, doctor?
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  • Who is guilty?

    If a sore throat has a stranglehold The scientists-virologists claim authoritatively thatour body is home to around 3 kilograms of germs! The most different, good and bad. With strong immunity "good" bacteria do not give the "bad" to multiply uncontrollably. But should it come loose - enemies right there. The main enemy of the tonsils (tonsillitis and at first inflamed tonsils) - staphylococci and streptococci. Among this armada doctors have calculated the main striker - beta-hemolytic streptococcus group A. It is responsible for the sore throat every second.

    The other half of angina cause goldstaphylococcus, streptococcus zelenyaschy adenoviruses. We, of course, the names of the enemies is not necessary to memorize, but the doctors know they need to be - depends on the treatment. Different groups of antibiotics act selectively: some perfectly cope with viridans microbes, while others - with gold. But if you catarrhal tonsillitis (tonsils were red only), then treated with antibiotics - that of a gun on sparrows shoot, do more harm than good. Therefore, if the doctor asks to open his mouth and say "ah-ah-ah", do it. He will take a smear, examine and prescribe treatment or experienced eye immediately identify the causative agent.

    What is it, doctor?

    Angina usually happens cold and wetautumn and frosty winter. However, you can catch it in the summer, if the lie on the beach and then a drink of water from the refrigerator, or fall asleep in front of a fan. This is often a reaction to hypothermia on the background of a weakened immune system. Distinguish angina bluetongue, follicular and lacunary.

    • Bluetongue angina is characterized by an inflammatory process that occurs in the mucosa of the tonsils, causing severe redness and swelling.
    • When tonsillitis on the background of redness and swelling visible and purulent accumulations - follicles.
    • When lacunar angina inflammatory responseIt has been observed on the part of the gaps - grooves in the tonsils, which accumulates a lot of pus. In all cases, the gateway of infection are the tonsils. If time does not begin treatment, the pathogen through the blood and lymphatic vessels and can spread infection to strike the neighboring organs. For example, ear - otitis media on a background of angina happens very often. Angina can cause more serious diseases - rheumatism or myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle). When angina can suffer liver, spleen, kidneys.

    Stay Cool

    If a sore throat has a stranglehold The best medicine for sore throat - rest. should not go to work, if only because you can infect others. In addition, when loading the healing process will be delayed. So if you have a sore throat, weakness, headache, aching joints, swollen and painful to the touch submandibular lymph nodes (between the ear and jaw), reddened tonsils or they have white patches, fever - go to bed and call your doctor. When angina sore throat at first insignificant, then amplified, becomes constant, peaking on the second day.

    If you have a sore throat on the "you" can independentlybegin treatment. But bed rest and isolation from family members, especially children, is required. In severe sometimes necessary to hospitalize the patient. Experienced doctors otolaryngologists recognize that the subject of peace and the minimum therapeutic measures (eg, rinsing) can get rid of a sore throat for 5-10 days, if for treatment to take at the initial stage.

    Serious measures

    If purulent tonsillitis, antibiotics can not do without. To ignore them is not necessary, because the infection can cause complications. On pathogens angina usually affect drug penicillin. But an increasing number of penicillin allergies, so it is replaced with other drugs such as tetracyclines.

    Antibiotic treatment is carried out under the scheme,prescribed by the doctor, and that is the use of the treatment was, should not deviate from it. Along with antibiotics take antihistamines. They reduce the allergic response, reduce swelling of the tonsils, improve sleep. Treatment of sore throats with antibiotics effectively enough, but, unfortunately, at the same time we kill beneficial microbes. What to do: of two evils choose the lesser.

    When angina drink plenty of fluids: fruit drinks, juices, hot tea. To overcome the disease helps vitamin C. And no pickles, lemons - it irritates the throat! But folk remedy acts exclusively. At the 2 cups of water, take 2 tablespoons. l. eucalyptus and sage. Boil, add 2 cups of milk. Evaporate the liquid by 1/3, add 1 tbsp. l. honey (if not allergic). On the day of drink to 1 liter of the liquid.

    Themselves with a mustache?

    If a sore throat has a strangleholdIf there is pus on the tonsils and plaquethe temperature not higher than 37.4, you can do rinses and local procedures. Well help sprays and aerosols, for example, kamfomen, kameton, ingalipt (when festering forms ingalipt contraindicated!). You can apply and tablets- "sosalki": Faringosept, dekatilen. But rinsing - in the first place. The most simple: 1 teaspoon of baking soda and the same amount of salt in a glass of warm water. Hot and cold water are harmful! Gargle often need to, every hour and a half. Rinse can be alternated, for example, salt and soda to furatsilinovoy (a glass of water one crushed tablet). Half an hour after gargling can lubricate Lugol.

    To prevent

    The best remedy for a sore throat - a strong immunity. To buy it, you need to be tempered. The most convenient - to finish each showering brief cold douche. The temperature is lowered gradually. The procedure begins with the feet and end up pouring head. Then you need good rub hard with a towel.

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