Worms, myths


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  • Myth number 1. Gloves are infected only by children

    In fact, there are no cases when gloves are infected and adults.
    And if children are sick of those helminthozami, the prevention of which is
    conventional elemental observance of hygiene, then adults suffer from
    Helmintosis not only because of the violation of sanitary rules, but mainly due to their own habits,
    relating to singularizing, lifestyle. For example, to infection
    may result in eating raw meat and fish.

    Myth number 2. If the child creaks his teeth in a dream — He has worms

    Indeed, in the people, this creak of teeth in a child in a dream is considered
    undoubted sign of melting invasion. However, really no
    No connection here. Most children who are sculpted with teeth, helminths are not detected, as well as most of those who are sick, no dental scraper is observed.

    Myth number 3. It is said that a good appetite at a thin man — Sign of infection of worms

    This is not always so. There is a lot of people with helminthozami and bad
    appetite and no less patients with helminthosis and — with
    Beautiful appetite! The fact is that with a full nutrition, some
    Helmintes manifest themselves weakly or do not show at all. Another thing,
    when a person undersides, has a deficit primarily proteins and
    Vitamins. Then iron deficiency anemia is possible on the background of helminth
    and other health disorders.

    Myth number 4. You do not have a chance to infect gloves, because we do not eat raw meat and fish

    Worms, myths It would seem, indeed, the Russian national cuisine, in contrast to
    Example from Japanese, does not contain dishes from raw meat or fish. but
    We have a very popular herring. But it is not boiled and not fried, but
    Retriever. Similarly, you can call raw and salty fat, especially
    With streaks meat. So, as you see, most residents of Russia
    rather regularly eating raw meat, and raw fish.

    At the same time, the pickling or smoking meat and fish is a way
    disinfection from some parasites, but, alas, it is not very reliable
    The method and it requires strict compliance with the rules of preparation.

    Myth number 5. Parasitic diseases can be infected only in Asia Yves Africa, and there is nothing to be afraid of the Europeans

    This is wrong. Experts note that in all regions of the world there are foci
    their parasitic diseases and their enough. In the same Africa or
    Asia really have foci of such parasitic diseases,
    which in Europe is not. For example, schistosomes, filariasis and many
    other. But the Europeans also suffer from these diseases, because they go
    worldwide and bring these parasites home.

    But there is in Europe and their illnesses, gas, such as intestinal helminthoses, echinococcosis, trichinellosis.

    Myth number 6. Poor people are infected with poor people who do not comply with personal hygiene rules

    In fact, in the CIS countries, parasitic diseases may be ill
    Almost any person, regardless of its income level, culture and
    lifestyle. And if an ordinary person can get infected with worms,,
    For example, herring, then rich our compatriot can pick up
    any exotic parasite somewhere in Thailand or in Kenya,
    Having tasted the local kushanye.

    Myth # 7. Sea fish is absolutely safe. You can get infected only from river fish

    Such approval is not true. If there is fish
    raw, then you can get to the worms and from the sea fish. For example, in it
    There are such helminthoses like anizakides. In European coastal countries
    (Netherlands, Iceland, Norway) are currently introduced very
    strict rules — as soon as the fish caught, they immediately put on the cold.
    If it lies some time in heat, then parasites from the intestine can
    get into the muscles, and then a person risks getting it quite dangerous

    Myth number 8. There is a drug effectively against all types of worms

    Alas, such a drug is currently no. Parasites
    So diverse that experts even theoretically cannot
    imagine a drug that would be effective against all species

    Myth number 9. There are tablets that act on certain groups of worms, but not at all

    Worms, myths
    There are folk remedies from worms, in particular some tincture on vodka.

    It's nothing more than myth. Head of the Clinical Department of the Institute
    parasitology and tropical medicine based on the 24th urban clinical
    Hospitals G. Moscow Professor Alexander Markovich Bronstein visited
    This: «Many diseases of vodka are traditionally treated in Russia — with
    honey, pepper and still God knows with. Vodka insist on wormwood, on
    Pyrcy, garlic, clear... Variations of such recipes — vodka with something — exist
    set, and in each area of ​​their folk recipes. In Tomsk
    Areas, for example, prefer inland aspen on vodka. Vietnamese
    Alcohol lizards, Chinese — Snake. I am not a single folk agent that would be really effectively against helminthoses.»

    I must say that absolutely harmless drugs in general
    does not exist. But who said that folk remedies are completely
    Unfortunate? There was such a natural natural preparation, male extract
    Fern — The most that neither is poison that it was better to live with worms,
    than drinking this tool. Now, fortunately, it is not released, and not

    Myth number 10. Garlic well helps from worms

    Garlic — Means from worms. So consider people, and, throughout
    visibility is due to the fact that garlic is known as a means against
    Intestinal bacteria. But worms that can start in the intestines
    man he is unable to destroy.

    Garlic not only does not cure gelminintosis, but not even a means of prevention.

    A.M. Bronstein tells: «I saw patients who ate garlic slightly
    whether not kilograms, and no results except gastritis. Many shoved garlic cloves to the rear pass as a means of
    Anal ferry. As a result, together with the helminthiasis, they had to
    Treat punctures (inflammation of the rectum).»

    Myth number 11. Regular drinking alcohol protects against glytami contamination

    This view is quite widespread as the promotion of scientists
    conduct a special study in one of the regions of Siberia, where
    Many locals are amazed by opisthorchosis (cat duct). Was
    A large group of people who are registered in the drug abuse
    dispensary drinking a lot — by 1—2 bottles of vodka per day. Each is
    They identified many parasites. True, while they drank, special
    No complaints were presented.

    Myth number 12. From the worms well help the enemas

    In fact, parasites settled in the human body, enema
    no harm. Wash them with water is impossible due to the fact that
    Helmintes settled in a person in the intestines are attached very
    powerful suction cups that water is not scary. In addition, most
    Helmins live in the upper intestinal sectors or in bile ducts
    liver where water just does not reach.

    Myth number 13. From worms need to get rid of as quickly as possible

    In fact, it is not always so. There are cases when a person is better
    do not treat or, in any case, to postpone
    treatment. For example, when infected with pregnant women with parasites, not dangerous
    For the life of a woman and her future child, in order to avoid negative
    the effects of drugs on the fruit of a woman better to treat after she

    Myth number 14. Play whether in the sandbox?

    Many parents are worried if their children will be inflicted, playing in the sandbox,
    Since in the sand you can often detect dog feces. Especially
    It should not worry because it happens quite rarely.
    The fact is that the eggs of dog ascarid, as a rule, with difficulty
    Surrive in the human body. True, having passed, become
    quite dangerous because they can penetrate anywhere by calling
    severe damage, even blindness. And therefore always try to watch
    for after walking your baby well soap hands.

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