In a healthy ear - a good ear


  • How does the ear work?
  • Do you like to dive? Love and treat otitis media!
  • Otitis media - each cough and runny nose
  • Ears do not like air travel
  • The roar or silence?
  • Beware the water!
  • What will happen to the girl with a player
  • Listen to nature!
  • Diagnostics on the ears
  • The ear - a small life
  • Diet for hearing
  • Ears and character

  • Most of the information from the outside we perceivethrough hearing. Therefore, not enough attention caring for the health of your ears, you risk to be in an information vacuum. In the summer issue of ear diseases is becoming more relevant than ever: it would seem, all the diseases were in December and February, and in June it is practically impossible to catch a cold. Do not relax! Oddly enough, in the heat of inflammation of the ears develops much more often than in winter - the matter is that love for bathing in the cool waters, cold for hobbies ice drinks, air travel. Follow our advice - and this summer you can not remember an otitis!

    How does the ear work?

    The ear consists of three divisions: the outer, middle and inner. The outer ear - it's the pinna (collects sound waves and directs them) and the ear canal (as it sounds go to the eardrum). The middle ear consists of the eardrum and the three bones that transmit vibrations to the inner ear membrane. The middle ear and the nasopharynx associates so-called Eustachian tube, whereby the pressure in the atmospheric middle ear. Therefore, when the air pressure changes, such as sudden ascents and descents, can lay the ears - so it's gone, you need to open your mouth. The inner ear is filled with fluid. It is a snail: it transforms vibrations transmitted from the middle ear into nerve impulses, which are then received by the auditory nerve to the brain. In the inner ear is also called the labyrinth through which the body can maintain balance.

    Do you like to dive? Love and treat otitis media!

    Otitis externa is called "swimmer's ear"because they usually affects people frequently exposed to water. Develops otitis externa subject to constant moisture in the ear cavity. Its cause - the infection and the main manifestations - redness and itching of the ear canal. If the ears after a shower to clean cotton buds, easy to damage the protective layer of the skin, which is fraught with intensive breeding of harmful bacteria on the skin surface. The inflammatory process is developing too fast, so its primary manifestation, and you can not miss. But if you give the disease to progress, there will be pain, sometimes excruciating, needs urgent medical attention.

    In a healthy ear - a good ear You can prevent the occurrence of externalotitis media by simple precautions. It is best while swimming in ponds or swimming in the private bath or shower cap or use special earplugs (devices for closing the ears). As an option - to swim in the Plug ears wool pieces, smeared with vaseline, vegetable oil or baby cream.

    Try once again to not dive or jump intowater head, even if you have earplugs in your ears, or you're in the cap. Needless to say that swimming is best to choose a relatively clean waters, both natural and man-made?

    Some experts recommend not to wipe the earsafter bathing or swimming with cotton or cotton buds (even children). Much better to dry with a hair dryer - for this air stream is directed into the ear, gently pulling on its upper section.

    Do not scrub your ears too carefully, because earwaxIt performs a number of useful features, starting with the fact that promotes the growth of "good" bacteria, and ending with the absorption of excess moisture. Earwax - it's not dirt, so do not get carried away cleaning the ears to the complete lack of them allocated.

    Otitis media - each cough and runny nose

    Usually in June, the sea still not warmed up andthe sun was already in full fry. Excited, we dive into the cool water and quickly get cold. In addition, water gets into the ears can remain there for some time, causing inflammation. The most common disease of the ears - an inflammation of the middle ear. This type of otitis is catarrhal and purulent. To diagnose the disease and its variety can only be a doctor! Remember that the main features of purulent otitis media include: high fever, sharp shooting pain, intoxication, sometimes pus. If the temperature does not rise above 38? C, the ear hurts too much (or as it felt rustling, crackling) and intoxication is not expressed, it is likely going to catarrhal otitis.

    Otitis rarely occurs by itself - most oftenaggravation of symptoms (runny nose, cough, sore throat), which caused a dip. The infection of the nose and throat moves quickly on the ears, because these organs are connected with each other so called the Eustachian tube.

    If after one to three days after the startsuppurative otitis of the ear pus, it is considered a favorable development of the process, do not pose a health hazard (of course, with the right treatment). But the pus can not find the exit, which is fraught with the spread of infection within the skull, and inflammation of the meninges and brain abscess. Therefore, any urgent need to treat otitis!

    Ears do not like air travel

    Summer holidays for many of us meanslong plane rides. However, atmospheric pressure differences during takeoff and landing is not too good on the condition affects the ears. At that moment, when you have laid the ears during takeoff or landing, try to slightly open mouth - so you equalize the pressure inside the ear with the atmospheric (this is because the Eustachian tube that connects the throat and ears). One way to help cope with the discomfort in the ears - rumination. After the flight, try for some time to be in relative silence, to rest your hearing. Some people stuffy one or both ears takes place only after a half-day (especially if you have ear disease). In the event that hurt the ears after the flight - try as soon as possible to see a specialist.

    The roar or silence?

    It would seem that there is nothing better than to relax the ears,than absolute silence in the room. In fact, it is a common misconception! Complete silence is not less harmful to our health than, for example, continually rattling music. The absence of sound - the same discomfort and stress for the human body.

    The ideal is considered to be the background noise frequency of about15-20 dB (decibels). This is the rustle of leaves, talking in hushed tones and whispers, the sound of rain on the window glass. Such noise is considered to be comfortable, it even used as a therapy for chronic stress and diseases, accompanying him. A sharp loud sound (about 120 dB) is dangerous not only because of its suddenness, causing fear and adrenaline rush in the blood. From the sound is too sharp hearing could be seriously affected - for example, if the sound source is located next to a man, he can burst the eardrum. It is worth knowing, and those who are fond of "live" rock concerts: quite a lasting impact on the sound frequency of 120-140 dB ears facing so-called hearing loss. Immediately after this concert, you can not hear the sounds around you half (the feeling of being under water). This state is held for several hours. But if one day, nothing has changed, urgently address to Laura.

    Beware the water!

    During the bathing water can get into the ear. If this happens, tilt your head to the side of "wet" ear, jumped in place, then just pat dry the ear with cotton. Ear aches? Perhaps it has cerumen impaction, which swelled from the water. Only a doctor can remove it! If you have ever had ear disease or injury of the eardrum, ear plugs while swimming or use the turundy of cotton wool soaked with vegetable oil or baby cream. If water has entered the ear, carefully dry it (not cotton buds!) And anti-drip ear drops.

    What will happen to the girl with a player

    There are different points of view on whathow much harm your hearing constant circulation in the headphones. The closer to the eardrum sound source, the louder the sound, the more music low frequencies (eg, hard rock), the more harmful it is to the ear. But that is no reason to give up your favorite music. Choose big headphones and try not to turn on the player at full volume (especially in the subway and other places where the already noisy). And, of course, is not in the headphones is too long. Absolutely safe to listen to music without interruptions average volume for one hour (and if the headphones are put in the ear, it is only half an hour). Of course, not always possible to comply with these rules, but still try after prolonged listening to your favorite songs at least not to overload your ears to excessive volume.

    More useful for the conservation of acute hearing loss are considered big overhead headphones - the sound of which is distributed evenly, as opposed to the "inserts".

    Listen to nature!

    It is believed that ideally useful for nervoushuman systems and its hearing is the background "noise" frequency up to 15-20 decibels. Try to organize around him a pleasant sound - often enjoy the sounds of nature, and if you do not have the opportunity to leave the city, at least listen to the recording rain or sea noise, the voices of birds and animals.

    Diagnostics on the ears

    If the body that something is not working properly, the ears can change color and even temperature. More often look in the mirror!

    In a healthy ear - a good ear

    • Redness that occurs suddenly or permanent, as well as hot ears suggest the propensity to increase blood pressure, vascular dystonia, anxiety and emotion.
    • Too pale and cold ears - a tendency to hypotension.
    • Cyanosis of the ears - heart failure, lung disease.
    • Dark red ears interspersed with cyanosis - the stomach, liver, pancreas.
    • Brown and dark red spot on his ears and around his ears - bowel disease, mineral imbalance in the body.
    • Shiny skin tone ears - the total depletion of the body, poor bowel tone.
    • The folds in the ear lobe - a predisposition to strokes and heart attacks, atherosclerosis, a sign of diabetes.

    The ear - a small life

    The shape of the ear resembles an inverted upside down the human embryo. On the ear are located the projections of all the organs and systems of our body.

    These projections are roughly in the same placebodies themselves must be the "embryo", which represents the ear and play a special role. Total ear about 150 active points. According to the tenets of oriental medicine, working on specific points on the ear, can be treated by a person to manage the state of internal organs. For example, by placing a needle into a certain point, you can save the patient from the painful feelings of hunger or severe migraines.

    But this information may also be used inharm you, so be wary of ear piercing. On the earlobe are projections of eyes, teeth, tongue, face muscles - any of them can be damaged by ear puncture failure. Better to do it, after consulting with a specialist. Choose earrings made of precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) And be sure to remove them before going to bed.

    Massage earlobes will wake up in the morning and to cheer up, get rid of fatigue and weakness at the end of the working day.

    In the morning, as the charging for the good of the whole body to rub the surface of the ear 25-30 times in a clockwise direction and as much against it.

    When swelling and tired legs will help massage the top of the ear, it is best to do it in the morning.

    If you regularly massage the middle part of the ear, it will help to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system.

    While pushing the finger at the center of the ear lobe, you can remove unnecessary tension with the organs of vision.

    Massage the ear lobe where it starts cheek, ease toothache.

    If your child tosses and does not want to fall asleep, stroking his earlobes before bedtime.

    Diet for hearing

    In order to preserve hearing and nervous system, try to observe the noise diet.

    Switch off your phone at night. If you worry about urgent calls, transfer to mobile vibration mode, and the city turn off or reduce its volume.

    Turn off the radio. Many people may not be in the empty apartment, without turn on the radio or TV - this creates the effect of the presence of people in the house and comforting. However, the continuously operating means of mass broadcast - load for the hearing.

    Dosing the air conditioner or an ionizer. These devices help to make your stay more comfortable in the room, but the constant background noise annoying hearing.

    Do not overdo it with minimalism. Fashionable interiors in the style of "one picture and two chairs on the room" create in the room the effect of "empty bucket" when uttered sound leaves a hollow echo. This significantly increases the load on the ears, even if it goes without loud noises.

    Protect Your Home. Excellent sound insulation provides plastic windows, glazed balcony and double doors. This will help eliminate more than half of the unnecessary and even harmful sounds that attack your home.

    Ears and character

    Ear Shape can tell a lot about theirowner. For example, a well-developed upper part of the ear indicates ruthless mental abilities. The expressive middle part of the ear - a sign of fine spiritual qualities. And if the most developed lower part of the ears, it indicates good health and enviable sexual abilities of its owner. The large ears indicate that a person is self-assured. Large ears with deep cavity of the ear - a sign of the sentimentality and sincerity. Separated from her cheeks expressed earlobe says that its owner can stand up for themselves. Small delicate ears usually have vulnerable, hypersensitive natures.

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