What to do when the throat hurts and hurt


What to do when the throat hurts and hurt
Mountain pain can signal about a whole row
various diseases, and burning and discomfort when swallowing significantly spoil
General health. When patients complain that they have a sore throat and hurt,
A noticeable redness and even lightweight swelling are found in the nasophal
mucous membranes.

Pain in the throat

The human body is constantly being attacked
bacteria and viruses, and the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract are the most
The first obstacle on their way. At the moment even a minor attenuation
immunity, it is there that the first signs of the disease are developing, which
Express pain in the throat and difficult swallowing.

Infectious diseases are not limited to
redness of the mucous membranes, most often he is accompanied by cough, chills,
Increase body temperature, headache, small rash on skin cover,
Rubber and general weakness.


Influenza, mononucleosis, ORVI, Corge, chickenpox and
Other virus diseases are the most frequent reasons for redness and
Pain in the throat. In these cases, symptoms are gradually enhanced by causing everything
More discomfort patient.


In case of bacterial infection pain in the throat
appears suddenly and differs high intensity at the very beginning
Diseases. Most often the disease cause streptococci, but confirm their presence
can only doctor after special examinations.


What to do when the throat hurts and hurt
If the sore throat is not accompanied by others
Symptoms, solve this problem can be solved by all known home methods:
Warm drink and rinsing. Such treatment can be practicing no more than two
days, if for this period the procedure does not give an apparent effect, you need to contact

Reception of antibiotics without a consultation of a doctor in pain in
The throat is unacceptable — In the case of viral infection on the causative agent, it is not
will affect the immunity to weaken, destroying the useful flora of the body.

When viral infection, weakened immunity may not
cope with a bacterial attack, then the doctor will select optimal treatment. IN
Some cases pain in the throat may be caused by other diseases, not
associated with infections, then the inspection of the ENT doctor and the corresponding

It's time for a doctor

When the throat hurts and difficult to swallow, you can try
cope with the disease independently, but it is important to take into account a number of symptoms, when
Whose visit to the doctor can not postpone:

  • Painfulness
    do not pass within two days;
  • Pain appears
    Even when trying to open the mouth;
  • rises
    Body temperature;
  • A rash appears
    on the skin;
  • a sore throat
    Sudden and very strong.

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