Treatment of tinea versicolor

Pityriasis (colored) versicolor - skindisease caused by fungal microorganisms are Malassezia family. Too often, the disease occurs where people are forced to adapt to the sultry and dry climate. However, from the scourge of anybody is not insured: up to 10% of countries with a temperate continental climate faced with this disease.

Colored scaly patches on the skin christenedringworm in the days of Hippocrates. Now the term is common for most dermatoses of different nature. Skin problems occur for various reasons: because of excessive sweating due to pathogens because of weakened immunity. But the origin of some types of tinea versicolor are still outstanding.

Causes of disease

virus, skin diseases, ringworm, pityriasis versicolor, colored shingles

Man, "marked by" pityriasis versicolor, forsurrounding any particular risk is not. Transmit the disease can only be, if people do not adhere to basic rules of personal hygiene: do not disdain shared towels, clothing, resting on natural beaches.

All patients who are faced with thisdelicate skin problems, are carriers of the fungus Malassezia - it multiplies in the sebaceous glands of the epidermis, but some time itself does not state. Experts identified a number of factors that "cause" harmful microorganisms to move from the stage of peace to take action:

  1. Strong stress.
  2. Increased sweating.
  3. Heredity.
  4. Ionizing radiation.
  5. Synthetic clothing.
  6. Receiving corticosteroids.
  7. High concentration of glucose in the blood.
  8. Weakened immune system.

Once created the most favorable conditions for active reproduction of the fungus, he would "get out" on the surface of the skin in the form of unsightly brown spots.

The clinical picture of tinea versicolor

virus, skin diseases, ringworm, pityriasis versicolor, colored shingles

fungal disease Treatment should be entrusted to competent specialist, otherwise the result of independent haphazard attempts to get rid of depriving become its frequent relapses.

Rid your skin from the aggressive fungus helpantifungals. Especially effective drugs triazole series: fluconazole, itraconazole, medicines and medical cosmetics based on selenium sulfide. In addition, the results showed good antifungal therapy with drugs, which is composed of imidazole: bifonazole, Levamisole, Dibazol, ketoconazole. A lot of positive feedback from a technique that combined treatment with fluconazole with the use of Nizoral shampoo. Cycloserine tablets come to the aid, if the result of treatment changes the natural pigmentation of the skin.

In the treatment of various forms pityriasisdenying use different forms of medicines: sprays, solutions, lotions. Medication in the form of ointments - clotrimazole, nystatin, Mifungar - are also effective, but extremely inconvenient to use, if you deprive settled under the hair on the head or in the groin area.

Doctors recommend that patients not only changed regularly, but be sure to iron clothes - so you can protect yourself from the aggravation of the disease.

Pityriasis versicolor and traditional medicine

virus, skin diseases, ringworm, pityriasis versicolor, colored shingles

Fungal organisms and the diseases that they cause, are known from time immemorial, and therefore the number of ways and recipes to combat them with every age increasing.

ethnoscience It has an arsenal of tools todestruction of pathogenic microbes. Thus, a positive effect was observed after application to the affected skin zoster natural oils. Among them, the most effective is considered the oil of sea buckthorn, St. John's wort, wild rose and peach.

Undiluted apple cider vinegar also isa very popular treatment for tinea versicolor. Scaly patches on the skin need to grease them 6-7 times a day, and one week the procedure was repeated 2-3 times.

Roots and seeds of sorrel in the people also founduse 1 cup of crushed seeds and roots need to pour 1 cup water and boil for 5 minutes, then infuse for half an hour and strain. Spots on the skin wipe this infusion as often as possible.

Oxalic leaves and stems are a valuable raw material for the preparation of a therapeutic agent by stripping. They need to chop, mix sour cream with fat, and then cover the skin of the patient weight.

Onion is very popular in folk medicine. In the fight against pityriasis versicolor his freshly juice is used as a wipe: stains smeared 3-4 times a day.

In order to overcome itching flaky skin, cooked oil sealer: for this pinch of dried and crushed into powder is combined with St. John's wort with Vaseline or lard.

How should eat sick

People treating pityriasis versicolor, should notrely only on tablets. Success in the fight against the fungus depends on the correct adjustment of diet. Minimize the intake of simple carbohydrates - the basic condition of nutritional therapy with herpes. For example, sugar can be replaced with a modest portion of honey and sweet pastry - bakery products with added bran.

Daily need to eat fruits and berries, which contain complex carbohydrates and fresh vegetables - an invaluable source of beneficial dietary fiber and natural fiber.

Prevention of disease

virus, skin diseases, ringworm, pityriasis versicolor, colored shingles talks about the simple precautions that will help avoid the unpleasant disease.

If you think for one reason or anotheryou can “earn” pityriasis versicolor (for example, you have suffered from this disease in your family), take care of yourself in the hot summer season. So, on sultry stuffy days, you need to wipe the skin with salicylic alcohol or water with a pinch of citric acid dissolved in it, since the fungus does not tolerate an acidic environment. For processing the skin, you can safely use lemon juice and diluted vinegar.

If in the past you have already encountered pityriasisdepriving, carefully monitor your clothes: hats (panama, hats, winter hats) from time to time need to be disinfected in soda-soap solution. The same goes for underwear and bedding. Give up synthetic clothes that block the access of fresh air to the skin.

Refrain from excessive physicalloads to sweat profusely not, take a cool shower at least two times a day, and try to protect themselves from stress, which is rich in the life of modern man.

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