Meeting dependence, symptoms and treatment

Have you noticed how your health or mood is changed depending on the weather?! Affects our life not only notorious atmospheric pressure. How to learn without loss to health tolerate periods? This will help a clear understanding of its metereotype, to determine which is possible due to the symptoms accompanying meteo-dependence.

Have you noticed how your health or mood is changed depending on the weather?! It seems everything is fine, and the mood has deteriorated sharply, or, which is worse, following the gloomy worldview comes headache, heartbeat, well, in general, unimportant well-being.

Why one inside «is sitting» portable barometer warning about the upcoming storms, and the other and does not think about the weather?! More Hippocrat, «Father of medicine», lived in the 400s before. NS., I was interested in this issue. Now it is known that almost half «earthlings» feels weather and that is not always nice, gives a reaction that can literally «with knocking down».

Influence of weather on health

Meeting dependence, symptoms and treatment
What is the wine? Not only the notorious atmospheric pressure is affected by our life - the difference in the movement of impressive air masses, but also other weather phenomena; Changes in air humidity, wind speed, temperature fluctuations and finally caused by the activity of the Sun, magnetic storms. No wonder they are also a term «Space weather», Since the scale of the influence of these boots per person truly cosmic.

Comprehensive impact on the person of all listed above, factors can make their own adjustments to his life. The most harmless thing that can give this impact is to reduce the performance, to arrange a sharp change of mood. The serious consequences of the impact of meteorological conditions can be both healthy health problems, and even sudden crises - unexpectedly emerging, short states that bring new symptoms, or aggravate the symptoms of old diseases.

Hypertensive, people with high pressure, more often than others become meteo-dependent. If the weather forecasters promise an increase or decrease in atmospheric pressure, it will not hypertensive to revise their physical exertion in the direction of decreasing, stress minimize, and what is even better to protect themselves from them.

People with chronic diseases, in particular upper respiratory tract, such as, suppose, bronchitis, it is important to monitor sharp air temperature drops. Such temperature differences often entail exacerbations in well-being.

The insufficiency of the cardiovascular system makes people very dependent on a sharp increase in temperature. This is always due to a decrease in oxygen concentration in the air. Therefore, the load on the heart muscle increases, which supplies an organism saturated with oxygen, blood. Magnetic storms also change chemical reactions in human body, provoking blood viscosity. This, in turn, also makes it difficult to saturate the body with oxygen, causing health harm.

Meeting dependence, symptoms and treatment

Meeting dependence, symptoms and treatment
How to learn without loss to health tolerate periods «Weather instability»? In this readers, our website will help a clear understanding of its metereotype, determine which is possible due to the symptoms accompanying meteo-dependence. Learn the name of your dependence, and the weather will not be so unfavorable to you, as before.

You can call seven main meteomotips.

Meteometype rheumatoid. His signs: muscle pain and lower back pain, which has a good character, feeling of joints of joints, skin covers covers an unpleasant sensation of light tingling.

The weather is changing, and you observe similar symptoms, apparently, «Weak link» Your body - bone system.

Take measures. First of all, consult a rheumatologist, thereby warning the difficulties associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and their consequences. At home, it is useful to adhere to the following recommendations:

In front of the bathroom for 30 minutes. Add to it ? kg of conventional large stone salt;

visit the bath or sauna. Pooch scarf on lower back and warm soft socks - simple and effective means.

Astmatic type. Feel the shortage of air, breathing sharply difficult - all signs on face.

Unexpected cooling can show these symptoms. If there is also a sharp wet wind with bad weather, then not far to the bronchial spasm.

People belonging to this meteotype should be followed by such rules:

  • If possible, stay in warm, cozy room. If it is impossible, first leaving your prescribed by the doctor, medicines for prevention, look at a warm scarf;
  • Drink before bedtime decoction from the turnip;
  • Do inhalation with the addition of 3 drops of fir essential oil.

Vegetative-vascular meteometype. This «a type» I will reward you with weakness and fatigue, decrease in pressure and iron, headache and heartbeat. Bruisies under the eyes, swelling, sweating - also signs.

The neurocirculatory dystonia is exacerbated by hypotonic type from the intolerance to the harsh weather changes.

You can stop the symptoms of this disease, excluding stressful and psychological loads, normalizing your daily mode and, thus, protecting yourself from overwork. It is worth abandoning the use of alcohol, frequent use of coffee, smoking cigarettes.

It is possible to use vegetable neurostimulators: Rhodiola pink, ginseng, Eleutherokokk (consult with the attending physician).

Effective swimming and wood.

Cardiorespirator metereotype. If the sword appeared, the heartbeat frees, feel tingling behind the sternum and under the left blade; Perhaps the magnetic storm has become a background for manifestation of cardiac unrest. Violates metabolism in myocardial muscle tissue, causing painful sensations.

Recommendation: Drink warm tea with mint and honey; Prefer the drink from chicory instead of tea and coffee.

If necessary, visit your cardiologist.

Disps meteootype. Bad appetite, belching, heartburn, constipation, Pain B stomach. Bad weather affects the digestive system that requires special attention on such days.


  • Review your daily diet. If possible, refuse meat, replacing it with a light milk-vegetable diet. Exclude bread, cabbage, legumes from products;
  • Fit separately, drink clean water in sufficient quantities.

Cerebral. Signs of this meteotype: Headache, insomnia, Nasal bleeding, complaints of irritability, lack of air.

The imbalance of the nervous system is caused by weather changes. High level of adrenaline entering blood increases blood pressure.

In such cases, the massage for arms will help, brazers from therapeutic herbs recommended by the doctor.

Skin-allergic meteootype. Manifested by redness, skin itch, rash under the influence of sunlight or cold.

Geophysical factors affect the body, causing enhanced Histamine production, which causes allergic reactions.


  • Refuse citrus, chocolate, hot drinks;
  • Take a bath for 10 minutes with a decoction of herbs. A series, Hypericum, Celebre, Valerian root and chamomile flowers, sage;
  • Consult your doctor about the reception of the calendula inflorescences.

Summing up, you can give a good prognosis. To reduce the influence of adverse factors, all meteo-dependent people should be adequately treated, normalize their work and recreation mode, eliminate stress and try to make more positive emotions in their lives.

For prevention, practice walks in fresh air, moderate physical exertion, reduce Harmful food In their diet. Be kind to yourself and others.

All good health.

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