Cushing's Syndrome: symptoms and treatment


  • Cushing's syndrome
  • Manifestations of Cushing's syndrome
  • Treatment of Cushing's syndrome

  • Cushing's syndrome

    Cushing's syndrome (Cushing's syndrome) includes a group of diseases wherein
    that chronic long-term effects on the body occurs
    excessive amounts of adrenal hormones, regardless of
    the reasons which caused increasing amounts of these hormones in the blood.

    The cause of Cushing's syndrome can be different states. More often
    Cushing's syndrome (excess formation of the cortex hormones
    adrenal glands) is due to increased production
    adrenocorticotropic hormone pituitary (Cushing's disease). This
    hormone can be produced microadenomas pituitary or ectopic
    (Not located in the usual place) kortikotropinomy. ectopic
    malignant kortikotropinomy can be located in the bronchi, the testes,
    the ovaries.

    Less Cushing's syndrome occurs when the primary lesion of the cortex
    adrenal (benign or malignant tumor cortex
    adrenal gland, adrenal hyperplasia). Hormonally active
    a tumor of the adrenal cortex called corticosteroma. It produces a
    blood glucocorticoid excess amount. Thus for
    excessive amounts of glucocorticoids in the blood reduces the amount
    adrenocorticotropic hormone of pituitary and adrenal rest tissue
    undergoes atrophic changes.

    Cushing's syndrome can occur in the treatment of various
    diseases with adrenal cortex hormones (glucocorticoids)
    if a drug overdose. Occasionally there are unusual
    Cushing's syndrome, caused by eating food or alcoholic

    Manifestations of Cushing's syndrome

    When Cushing's syndrome manifestations of the same type occur.
    Disturbed metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Activated protein breakdown,
    produced an excessive amount of free fat in blood rises
    the amount of glucose in the patient's blood, which can lead to the development

    Manifestations of Cushing's disease are caused by excessive secretion of adrenal hormones, especially glucocorticoids.

    • Cushing's Syndrome: symptoms and treatmentThe earliest sign of the disease is obesity, a typical
      the deposition of fat in the face, neck, abdomen, chest. Face
      thus looks round, lunoobraznym.
    • On the cheeks appears purple glow.
    • Glucocorticoids
      cause increased appetite and alter metabolism, increasing
      blood glucose levels and increased fat deposition.
    • Conversely limbs become thin due to the decrease in muscle mass.
    • On
      the skin in the abdomen, shoulders, buttocks and thighs appear
      purple-bluish band stretching - stretch marks. This is the result of stretching
      skin with excess deposition of fat and protein metabolism disorders, because of the
      which thins the skin and is easily stretched.
    • The skin appears acne rash.
    • Wounds and cuts heal slowly.
    • AT
      areas of friction in the region of the collar around the neck, the abdomen, elbows
      there is increase in staining of the skin. In these places,
      Melanin is deposited, the amount of which increases with
      the amount of adrenocorticotropic hormone.

    In women, there is hirsutism (excessive body hair). appear
    the hair on the upper lip, chin, chest. Excess hair growth
    women due to increased production of male sex hormones
    androgens by the adrenal cortex, that women also causes disturbances
    menstrual cycle.

    In men, there is impotence.

    Initially, there is periodic, then the constant improvement
    blood pressure. Gradually developing bone loss - osteoporosis, which is manifested first pains in bones and joints,
    then you may experience spontaneous broken ribs and limbs. Excess
    glyukortikoidov is a violation of the formation of protein-based
    bones and increases calcium release from the bone.

    Patients complain of fatigue, headaches, weight gain.
    Sometimes disease patients with hypercortisolism violations occur
    psyche. There are depression, various sleep disorders, psychosis.

    Treatment of Cushing's syndrome

    The goal of treatment - normal levels of hormones in the adrenal cortex
    blood. Used drugs reduce the production of hormones in the cortex
    adrenal - Nizoral, Mam, metapyron - for a long

    Symptomatic treatment aimed at correcting
    disorders of protein and carbohydrate metabolism, normalize level
    blood pressure, heart failure treatment. In the presence of
    corticosteroma patient, unilateral removal is carried out
    adrenal gland (unilateral adrenalectomy).

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