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    On the problem of pituitary dwarfism can speakquite a lot and for a long time. We decided to publish an authoritative opinion of the person - professor, chief pediatric endocrinologist Peterkova VA Medical University of Russia

    - Are there many children with pituitary dwarfism comes to you for help?

    - Now in Russia live about three thousand children,suffering from pituitary dwarfism. These children can not be over the years to reach normal average height of an adult, they are for life doomed to remain small.

    This disease occurs with a frequency of one10 thousand people in the population. The worst thing is that even in Moscow and the Moscow region there are children who come for the first time with this illness to see a doctor as early as 14-15 years.

    - How much is a normal growth?

    dwarfism treated- Today, virtually everyone who was raisedsuch a diagnosis, have the opportunity to receive the necessary medication. The most common and well-established drugs growth hormone - is Genotropin and Norditropin.

    The solution to this problem is very helpful to physiciansstunting Association. After all, every purchase of the drug growth hormone, whether federal, provincial or urban level, associated with the initiative of doctors and parents. Unfortunately, the budget for medicine, we are small, so for each delivery has to literally fight. I'm not talking about those patients who are now 30 years or more, they grow up can no longer, but they also need to maintain the hormone dose. The fact that such disorders in 80% of cases there is a shortage of other pituitary hormones. These people are in need of complex treatment, and those who receive it, can live almost a full life: work, study, have a family, children ...

    People with a diagnosis of "pituitary dwarfism" zoneGrowth usually closes later than in healthy people. Therefore, there is a chance that 30-year-old patient grows up at least a little. And for the person whose height nedotyagivaet and a half meters, every centimeter is important.

    Unfortunately, there are children who are modernmedicine can not help: when growth hormone is produced, but no receptors which must respond to this hormone. Here then is especially important psychological support as the patients themselves and their relatives.

    When our patients grow up, then all the psychological problems of fading.

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