Bursith elbow sustav


Bursith elbow sustav — Inflammation of the articular bag of the elbow. It is mainly developing on the basis of long overload of this joint. Sinovial bag performs lubrication function, facilitating

Bursith elbow sustav

Motor activity of the elbow joint. Her inflammation violates the normal movement of the elbow and delivers pain. Bursit can be post-traumatic: it can provoke unsuccessful falls and bruises. With such an inflammatory process, the near-handing bag is filled with liquid, which can be infected in the future and cause purulent bursitis. The risk group of the occurrence of Bursitis includes patients with gout and arthritis. The inflammation of the elbow bursa proceeds in acute, subacute, chronic and recurrent forms.

Depending on the type of liquid filling the articular bag, serous, hemorrhagic and purulent bursitis. In the serous bursitis, the payable exudate is not infected, with hemorrhagic in the exudate, the presence of blood is observed, which is characteristic of traumatic inflammation, and with purulent — Infected synovial fluid. The purulent bursitis is divided into a specific (tuberculous, syphilitic and gonococcal origin) and on nonspecific (infection of stafilo and streptococci).

Symptoms of inflammation of the articular bag of the elbow

The first sign of developing Bursitis is swelling that does not bring any feelings of pain nor difficulties in the mobility of the joint. At first glance, the state is harmless, so often people do not take care of the counseling for the surgeon. But over time, when the near-handing bag is filled with liquid and increases, sharp pain appears when the elbow moves, the skin is blushing, the temperature grows. Additional symptoms of inflammation of the elbow joint — chills, fever and headaches. Purulent bursitis (in the absence of treatment) can lead to purulent arthritis. The main difference between the brusitis from arthritis, gout and pseudo-production is to preserve the mobility of the scene itself.

When suspicion of bursitis, it is reasonable to ask for a surgeon to diagnose to prevent unpleasant complications. A sharp bursitis in unwise of medical care can over time to switch to a chronic shape characterized by frequent exacerbations and not easy treatment (up to surgery).

Diagnostics and treatment of elbow bursitis

Diagnostics and treatment of bursts conducts surgeon. Diagnostic methods are concluded in bacteriological studies (to determine the type of exudate) and radiography (to determine the nature of bone damage).

The treatment plan is made up by a surgeon, depending on the form of the disease. To combat pain and inflammation, doctors practice:

  • medicinal therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • surgical intervention;
  • folk remedies.

Among the medications well showed themselves in the treatment of borsitis anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and glucocorticosteroids. To eliminate the main symptoms of bursitis, heat-circulation, UHF and Ultrasound are used. As auxiliary therapy, the treatment of folk remedies is widely used: compresses from propolis, baths with needle extract, cabbage wraps, various tinctures and decoctions based on anti-inflammatory and antibacterial plants (celery, hormour). For warming, you can apply bags with hot salt. With purulent and chronic bourge, one people's successful results will not achieve, will need operational intervention. Surgeons practice the following types of operations:

  • puncture of the articular bag;
  • drainage bursa;
  • Bursectomy.

Immediately after recovery, it is not recommended to load the joint.

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