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    In the treatment of hypotrophy first of all
    Assigns dietotherapy. And the task of parents is to accurately observe the regime
    nutrition and sleep, carefully control the amount of food consumed and
    Body weight gain.

    Dietherapy consists of two phases. From 2-3 days to 1 week
    occupies a period of clarification of peak tolerance. These days are daily
    The amount of food can decrease to 1/2 or 3/4 from the recommended.
    The missing amount of diet is replenished due to fluid.

    Following this, the period of enhanced nutrition occurs. but «reinforced» does not mean that child need to feed forn.

    When conducting diet therapy, the frequency of food intakes can
    increase by 1-2 feedings compared to healthy children
    Similar age.

    When appointing diet and therapy, the doctor calculates the content in
    The diet of the main nutrients, as well as calorie.
    Get information about nutrition kid he can only from parents. Exactly
    Therefore, try to answer the questions more accurately:
    Baby feeds?
    », «How many times a day kid gets food?», «What
    The duration of the intervals between feeding?
    », «How much baby food
    gets for one feed and per day?
    ». Type response «Feed per day 4-7
    every 120-200 grams
    » will not give any information. Therefore, desirable
    within 2-3 days before appeal to the doctor neatly fix in
    «Food diary» time, one-time feeding, common
    Daily duty, the amount of drink per day, the presence of shinking,
    Stool frequency and t.D.

    Diet with hypotrophy
    Children of the first months of life it is desirable to feed with maternal milk. If
    The child was born in docking, but his weight was less than two
    half kilograms, then the use of specialized
    Mixtures -
    «substitutes» breast milk intended for
    premature children. Such mixtures a little (
    «Enfalak», «Pre-Bona», «Natal»), but they are sold in the departments of children's largest
    shops. However, it is more often applied standard adapted
    Mixes. Sometimes you can get a positive effect when using
    acidophilic (dairy) adapted mixtures (domestic)
    «Malytka» and «AhU-1», Swiss mix «Pelargon» or French «Lactofidus»). If the child's age allows (more than 6 months), baby
    You can give a children's kefir, bifoxifier, mixture
    «AhU-2» or babies
    yogurt. Efficiency products contribute to stimulation
    digestive juices reduce the manifestations of intestinal dysbiosis,
    which almost always accompanies hypotrophy. Acidophilic
    Dairy products are easier digested and better absorbed. Nevertheless
    Less to give acidophilic products in each feeding is impractical:
    their increased acidity can cause too frequent or abundant
    Jumping, which will only aggravate the severity of hypotrophy.

    When the development of the disease is associated with the intolerance to the protein or
    Carbohydrates cow milk based on the usual
    Mixtures, you can use soy protein-based mixtures (type
    «Enfamil-soy»), with low lactose milk sugar (type «Nutrilon lowolactose») or absolutely non-local («Al-110»). At
    suspected illness known as
    (Protein intolerance of some cereals: rye, wheat, oats and
    barley), should be used special
    «Gleeped» Mixes, puree and
    Kashi. Packaging with such products there is a special icon -
    Circle with an image of a crossed spikelet.

    In the treatment of a child with severe hypotrophy, relatively
    quick effect can be achieved by assigning a complete or partial patient
    intravenous food. Usually they resort to such an extent if feeding
    through the mouth (in full) difficult or even impossible, but
    The first opportunity of the sick child is transferred to the natural

    In hypotrophy, there is often a deficit of proteins, fats and
    carbohydrates, so for treatment it will require a dietary correction
    Breast child not only by calories, but also by these substances

    Correction of the protein component of the diet of a newborn baby
    exercise with special
    «Gruises» Breast milk,
    For example,
    «Entamil Human Milk Fortifier» or «Pre-salmon». Further
    An egg yolk is used to cover the protein deficit (welded
    Slug), cottage cheese, kefir and t.D.

    Fat component of the diet can be enriched by increasing in nutrition
    Nursing mother The content of vegetable and butter. At
    artificial feeding should take care of adding to vegetable
    puree and porridge, respectively, vegetable and butter.

    Carbohydrate component in nutrition can be restored due to
    the introduction of fruit juices, fruit puree, glucose solution, porridge and
    other grain products. Not to abuse sugar

    With all the forms and degrees of hypotrophy, the destination is shown
    complex of vitamins in the medical age dosage. From vitamins
    It is especially important to ensure the flow of vitamins B1, B6 and C; in
    further appointment of vitamins A, RR, B12, B15, E, and also
    Folic acid. It is allowed to use multivitamin preparations,
    intended for children of the first year of life. Such multivitamins for
    Children are released in a variety of forms - syrups, soluble tablets
    and T.D. We should not forget also about the appointment of vitamin D: it is better
    Giving separately, and not in the composition of complex vitamin preparations.

    To facilitate food digestion, enzymes are useful for children
    Preparations that the doctor appoints. Duration of therapeutic course
    Installed with the individual characteristics of the child.

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