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    Latent diabetesTo catch the first signs

    Neither in Russia, nor in other countries do notpolls surveys of all children to diabetes. Therefore, it is important not to miss his first symptoms. Especially need to be vigilant parents, one of whom he has diabetes. Statistics says that in 50 cases out of 100 they will be born sick child. Such a child is necessary every three months to donate blood in the glycated hemoglobin. This analysis reveals a predisposition to diabetes long before the appearance of clinical signs. In ordinary analysis of blood and urine sugar level rises only at the height of the disease.

    Closing your eyes ...

    Diabetes can occur for a long time in a latent form, andIt appears in all its glory after a viral infection or breakdown. Even then, parents often do not notice anything, but changes occurring with their child, finding all sorts of innocent explanation.

    Thirst blamed on the heat, running around or saltedchips, ravenous appetite - the active growth. A copious and did remain without attention. In small, it is normal, and in older children simply do not notice it. And only when the kids start to ask to use the toilet at night, and despite good appetite, do not get better and lose weight, parents drive them to the doctor.

    Be carefull!

    If you notice any warning signs atyour child, look him in the mouth. Language in diabetics is dry and the color resembles a ham. In severe cases, mouth smell acetone or yogurt. Inspect the bottom of the child underwear, it may be a discharge from the genitals, because the sweet urine is an excellent medium for bacteria. Diapers and diaper grudnichka become stiff from sugar, if starched.

    A child with hidden diabetes at any timemay develop diabetic coma. A sudden drop in blood sugar followed by agitation, tremor, aggressive and rapid loss of consciousness. On the other hand, coma, caused by high levels of sugar, develops slowly. Kid constantly wants to sleep, he had a weakness, there may be abdominal pain, vomiting, and noisy breathing. Parents are turning to the surgeon, thinking that the child has appendicitis, or are beginning to treat the common cold. So do not hesitate too long, call "ambulance."

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