Vaginism, diagnosis and treatment


  • What is vaginism
  • Why vaginism develops
  • Symptoms of vaginism
  • Diagnosis of vaginism
  • Treatment of vaginism

  • What is vaginism
    - Reflexor convulsive cuts of the muscles of the vagina, usually
    caused by fear before penetration into the vagina. Can combine
    with painful sexual intercourse and in severe cases makes sexual
    Impossible intercourse. Vaginism is found in women of all ages and
    All layers of society. Forecast favorable if a woman is good
    Motivated and she has no physical abnormalities.

    Why vaginism develops

    Vaginism, diagnosis and treatment
    muscle spasm can be called and physical and psychological
    reasons. They may occur involuntarily as a protective reflex in
    Waiting for pain, and may have an organic cause. It may
    to be rigid (dense) virgin pole, injury obtained during childbirth,
    Genital herpes, vaginitis (Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina).

    Psychological reasons may be as follows:

    • Assigned B
      childhood and adolescence attitude to sex as a rough violence
      or as a criminal one;
    • Fear that appeared in
      a result of the preceding negative experience (for example, after violence);
    • injured
      gynecological study at an early age;
    • fear of becoming pregnant,
      infect venereal disease or cancer.

    Symptoms of vaginism

    Women suffering from vaginism usually happens a convulsive cut
    muscles when trying to introduce into the vagina of any subject - a tampon or vaginal mirror. In some cases
    interest in sex disappears in others.

    Diagnosis of vaginism

    It is established on the basis of anamnesis (patient's disease) and gynecological inspection,
    necessary in order to exclude the physical cause of vaginism.
    The doctor asks the woman about early childhood, about the attitude of sex in
    family preceding sexual experience and how is it
    Sexy life at the moment. In addition, he clarifies what
    The woman uses the method of contraception, whether it plans to give birth, what
    feelings are experiencing to a sexual partner, what kind of pain is worried
    Its with the introduction of any subject in the vagina.

    The gynecological research committed confirms the diagnosis,
    Receiving involuntary muscle contraction surrounding the outside

    Treatment of vaginism

    aims to eliminate the pathological contraction of the muscles. For solutions
    problems are used by extends of different sizes that a woman
    Introduces into the vagina, training stretching and muscle relaxation. Woman
    controls the time that the expander remains in the vagina and its
    Move. Together with the sexual partner, it performs special
    Exercises, learns focusing on sensations and talks with
    psychotherapist to learn to understand the partner and interact
    with him. During psychotherapy, communication skills are allowed
    Deep conflicts.

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