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  • Morning complex

  • A large amount of information that we "absorb"every day, our eyes requires nearly constant voltage. And, of course, they get tired. Many vision problems arise precisely from the surge. Even a person with a "unit" need to rest for the eyes. Otherwise, after the hard work may appear symptoms such as dry eyes, redness, blurred distance vision. What can we say about those whose vision is poor - in this case, rest your eyes is a must. No wonder UG Bates and his pupil MD Corbet, creating its own system of vision improvement, largely relied precisely on this fact.

    Exercise and relaxation for the eyes that willgiven below (this yogic complex and exercises UG Bates and MD Corbet), it is quite simple and will not take much time. But ... The concept is simple and complicated at the same time. So first try to read the description of the exercise carefully. If it is written that the movement should be smooth - it is important. If you are given advice on how to breathe, pay attention to them. Do not forget about these "little things" and then exercise and rest will be most effective.


    eye exercisesSit up straight and relax. Cover the eyes as follows: the middle of the palm of the right hand should be in front of the right eye, the same with the left hand. Hands should lie gently, do not need to force them to face the press. The fingers can be crossed on the forehead may be located nearby - as you prefer. The main thing that was not "slits" light-transmitting. When you verify this, lower eyelids. The result is that your eyes are closed and, moreover, covered with palms of hands.

    Now, lower your elbows on the table. The main thing is that the neck and spine are almost in a straight line. Make sure that your body did not tense, and arms, and back, and the neck should be relaxed. Breathing should be relaxed.

    Now try to think of something,gives you pleasure: as you rest on the sea, as you all Happy birthday, starry sky ... You can do this exercise with music. Consciously relax your eyes is very difficult (remember that your heart you also can not control). Therefore, we should not try to control their condition - it will only hurt objectives of the session, instead think better about something pleasant.

    Exercise can be done at work, arrangingcurrently short breaks. Even 10-15 seconds, your eyes will have time to relax a bit. But, of course, it would be better if you select to relax at least a few minutes.

    After the exercise (especially if you were doing it for a long time) gradually slightly open palm, closed eyes give a little to get used to the light, and only then open them.

    Letter nose

    This exercise is intended as something toyour eyes to relax muscles and to ensure that weaken your neck. Tension in the area violates the right eye power (in other words, blood circulation slows down the process).

    eye exercisesExercise can be performed lying down and standing up, butbest sitting. Relax. Close your eyes. Imagine that the tip of the nose - a pen, which can be written (or imagine that line the nose continues a long pointer, handle - it all depends on how you prefer, as long as you and your eyes are not strained). Now, write (or draw) in the air of his pen. What it does not matter. Write different letters, the names of cities and countries, a short letter to your loved one. Draw a house with smoke from the chimney (such as drawing as a child), a circle or square.

    If you want to relax a little eye, sittingon the job, you can imagine that writing is not a pen, and the tip of the needle on the head of a pin. Then colleagues will not have to ask, what are you doing, because by your head movements are almost imperceptible. Employees think that you just sit with closed eyes to relax a bit. What will happen at all far from the truth. Likewise, you can relax your eyes when you return home from work on public transport.

    Through the fingers

    eye exercisesRelaxation of the eye can be achieved bywhat you see, not focusing on any one thing. To remove the eye strain, you are invited to this exercise. It can be performed while sitting, lying down, standing up.

    Bend your arms at the elbow so that the palm wereslightly below eye level. Open the fingers. Make smooth turns his head from side to side, while looking through his fingers into the distance, and not to them. Let view slides without stopping on one thing. If you do it right, your hands will "float" by you, you must feel that they are moving.

    Do three rotations alternately openthree eyes and closed (with closed eyes even have on anything "not to stay" look. Make exercise 20-30 times, breathe freely at the same time, do not strain.

    If you can not achieve the effect of movement,try to do so. Pull the finger. He must "look" up. And your nose should touch it. left-right Close your eyes and turn his head so that his nose, he passed a finger, touched him. Continuing to turn your head, open your eyes (do not focus their attention on the finger, look away!). You will surely see that the finger "moves."

    Morning complex

    For those who are difficult to open the eyes in the morning, thethe complex will be a real salvation. And if you during the day will be able to do palming several times (lunch break - longer, every 1-2 hours at least 10-15 seconds) and "write" something nose (during the lunch break and on the way to work) you will feel that your eyes are no longer tired like they used to with time. You can do some exercise and at night. Especially if, before going to bed, you're watching TV, sitting at the computer or reading.

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