Vaccinations: pros and cons


  • Flash epidemic are not excluded
  • Travels increase the risk of disease
  • How the vaccinations are valid

    Vaccinations: pros and cons
  • However, although the pain quickly
    passes and forgetting, parents are hard to see how their children turn into
    Pillows for needles. As a rule, most often the decision to vaccinate the child
    Parents are based on the disinformation obtained from the Internet or
    unverified rumors who are on the playground.

    Flash epidemic are not excluded

    Doctors emphasize that several
    Dozens years ago no one even doubted the need for children
    immunization, since the diseases that were protected by vaccines were very
    common, and the risk of the disease was quite real. Fortunately, today such
    Diseases have become a rarity due to the successful vaccination practice.

    However, this
    Little danger lies: we are so accustomed to consider ourselves protected
    from diseases that neglect the importance of immunization. Should not be underestimated
    Danger of fatal diseases, they can be attached very close to: for example,
    someone from your acquaintances recently returned from Africa, or street passer
    visited India or Asia and brought from there something much less harmless than
    ordinary tourist souvenirs.

    Travels increase the risk of disease

    «Parents say: «Let others
    make vaccinations to their children, and we will wait»», - Tells Medicine Sharon Humiston. However, in this game
    Ahead of betting too high: «Today travel and travel essentially
    Increase the risk of the disease. Children who have not passed vaccination are especially susceptible
    infections, and they can become a source of disease for others».

    Research published recently in Journal of the American Medical Association showed that
    Children who have not passed immunization are 22 times stronger than the risk of disease
    cow and almost six times stronger - risk of cough diseases than children,
    Past vaccinations. Another study, also published in Jama, showed that children
    past immunization, 35 times stronger at risk of measles.

    How the vaccinations are valid

    The vaccines use dead
    or weakened microorganisms that stimulate the generation of the immune system
    corresponding antibodies. These antibodies will protect the child from infection in the event,
    If the organism get microbes of a real dangerous disease.

    Vaccines have only insignificant side effects - cause
    skin irritation at the injection site, a slight increase in temperature, rolling, and
    Light rash (measles and windmill vaccines). These manifestations often plunge
    Parents in panic, and they immediately begin to think about the fact that the baby fell ill,
    However, in fact, such a reaction to the vaccination indicates normal operation
    Immune system.

    Children, whose immune system is weakened by the reception
    immuno-overwhelming drugs, fighting cancer or AIDS, should not pass
    Vaccination trivaccini against measles, epidemic parotitis and
    Korea rubella or chickenpox vaccine,
    Since the components of a live virus can cause them an attack of the disease.

    caution should also be taken to parents of allergic children - they need
    Consult a doctor about trivaccine vaccinations
    against measles, epidemic parotitis and korea rubella
    (It contains gelatin), flu vaccines (it contains eggs) or hepatitis
    In (contains yeast).

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