How to treat the eye


    How to treat the eye

    How to treat the eyeToilet eyes. Cotton swab moistened slightly pink solutionmanganese, or tea brewing, or boiled water and wipe eyelids closed eyes from the outer corner to the inner. Repeat, changing the tampon is not fully cleanse eyelashes. The last movement clear the corner of the eye, which usually accumulates purulent discharge.

    Eyewash. can be used for washing slightly pinkmanganese solution rivanol, furatsillin, tea brew or just boiled water. Any of these rubber type in the liquid spray ( "pear") or a 5-ml syringe without a needle. By cheek presses bowl (in the office of the eye using the so-called kidney-shaped basin), pulls the fingers two centuries and a jet of water the eyeball in a circular motion. Repeat until completely clean up the conjunctival cavity.

    Instill drops. There are two ways of drops instillation. The first - the most common. The patient is asked to look up, pulled lower eyelid with your finger and released from a pipette one drop into the lower conjunctival fornix. I prefer the second method. The patient is asked to raise his head and look down at the same time. Fingers pulled the upper eyelid and is discharged from the pipette, one drop onto the surface of the eyeball. How is it better? In the first method, the patient sees a pipette and reacts to it, especially children. In the second - he can not see the pipette, so behave calmly. Further, in the first method, the medicine falls down and is smeared over the eye during blinking, that is, in the upper sections of the eyeball it falls already diluted tear; the second is the way the medication immediately gets into the upper sections and flows down uniformly washing all parts of the conjunctiva. The therapeutic effect is higher. With either method, you need to follow a basic rule: the pipette must not touch the eyelashes, not to carry infection from one eye to the other. By the way, now many droplets produced in vials with lids, performing the role of a pipette. It is very convenient, you can dig directly from the vial by turning it upside down and pressed his fingers on the soft part of the cover. If your doctor has prescribed two or more drugs for instillation, the interval between them should be not less than 10 minutes to drop is not mixed in the conjunctival cavity and washed out one another.

    Laying ointment. Before laying the ointment of special glassstick. Now they are almost there, and all eye ointments are available in tubes with an elongated spout. How to use them? We ask the patient to look up, pulls the lower eyelid with your finger and squeezing from a tube along a strip of ointment century. We ask the patient to close the eyes while letting the lower eyelid. Thus it is necessary to make sure that the ointment is not pushed to the eyelashes, and remained in the conjunctival sac of the eyelids. After 1 minute, when the ointment melts, ask the patient to move his eyes, without revealing them. This ointment is spread on the surface of the eyeball. All.

    Bandage. The bandage is monocular (one eye) andbinocular (both eyes). Now they are doing is very simple: a bandage is folded several times to get a rectangular cloth of about 7 by 5 cm (or take the finished sterile cloth), it is applied to the eye and strengthen the two strips of adhesive tape. In this case one strip secures the napkin to his forehead, and the other's cheek. I do not like this method, because I do not like plaster: it comes unstuck at the wrong time, removing it always causes pain, skin macerated underneath, not breathing. Houses can be tested using the old sling bandage. Do it like this: tear off a piece of wide bandage length equal to the volume of the head + 10-15 cm from both ends of the bandage is cut into two strips, leaving the middle of the integral part of about 10 cm is applied to the eye tissue, placed on top of the whole of the bandage and tied at the back again.. upper ends, and then lower. Simple and reliable! Binocular bandage do as well, only the integer part is left more - 20-25 cm.

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