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  • What is rheumatoid arthritis?
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
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  • What is rheumatoid arthritis?

    in the morning you may find that your fingers are no longer obey.
    Small movements are not as fugitive, but after a little
    All development takes place, and in the usual case does not call for a day
    difficulty. However, over time, fingers, first
    restores its function in half an hour after waking up, not
    listen for an hour, two, three. Progressing this state for a long time. with
    time, the joints of the fingers and toes start to ache. And with each passing day
    change their shape - the joint increases, the fingers are
    "Knotty". All are manifestations of a dangerous disease of the joints -
    rheumatoid arthritis.

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    • Rheumatoid arthritis, treatment symmetrical joint disease: sick left, then right, and he must be ill,
    • often inflamed wrists,
    • Hands swollen and sore,
    • following inflamed joints stop, and behind them - the knee and elbow joints,
    • pain can occur in the neck,
    • temperature increase,
    • insomnia,
    • lack of appetite.

    At the slightest suspicion of rheumatoid arthritis, please contact our specialists.

    Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

    Physiotherapy It acts directly on the affected joint. Laser treatment, for example, activates the blood circulation, oxygen metabolism and nutrition of the joint tissues. All this helps to relieve inflammation and pain.

    - Articular gymnastics on our author's method returns the joints
    mobility. Each patient selected individual program
    exercise and stretch marks in conjunction with the correction of posture.

    - Mild effect on the spine and other joints, deep-tissue massage
    tissues, with the aim to eliminate the cause of the pain - muscle spasms, nerve compression.

    Homeopathy -
    selection of natural, effective and safe medicines. In treatment
    arthritis, we use the so-called chondroprotectors -
    sub- stances "defenders" of cartilage. They block the spread
    disease and restore the affected joints.

    farmakupunktura in particular - in the direct administration of drugs
    inflammatory focus. Since therapeutic agents are much faster and
    effective: almost immediately pass the pain, swelling subsides.

    Dangers of rheumatoid arthritis

    The first
    symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis may be weakness, fatigue,
    bad dream. As it is very difficult to suspect that the reason lies in its
    inflammation of the joints. Therefore, many people often pull an appeal to
    Doctor taking these signs of the usual discomfort.

    so the disease progresses, and inflamed joints begin. this
    inflammation is usually accompanied by severe pain. A treatment launched
    arthritis - it is a long and complex. If the time to recognize the disease, the
    a chance to stop the steadily progressing process.

    the arthritis does not stop in time, the sharply reduced mobility
    joints. Man can no longer perform usual activities, and soon
    It may be in a wheelchair.

    joints, rheumatoid factor, and very soon will take over the internal
    authorities. Complications can become rheumatic heart disease,
    lung, liver, kidney, intestines and blood vessels, which can develop into
    heart disease, pneumonia, and other dangerous diseases. Therefore it is better to start
    to treat rheumatoid arthritis when the first suspicions.

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